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Author: Tom Rose

DirecTV Going to the Dogs with… DogTV?

In the 1988 movie Scrooged, network TV exec Preston Rhinelander (Robert Mitchum) orders his underling Frank Cross (Bill Murray) to start programming television for cats and dogs. Though reluctant, Cross gets the ball rolling. Near the end of the film, Rhinelander’s cats meow excitedly when mice appear on the screen, proving him right. Twenty-five years later, it looks like some real TV executives took the lesson to heart. On August 1, DirecTV is rolling out a new channel called, you guessed it, DogTV. It’s not as wacky as it sounds. The channel has been in beta in Southern California for six months and subscribers are howling with delight. Naturally, DirecTV wants to capitalize on that success and is going national with the channel for a measly $4.99 a month, with the first month free. Anyone who has a dog knows they respond to TV audio, especially the barking sounds of other dogs, howling wolves, and a cat’s meow. But do they really watch television? It’s not like DirecTV is expecting to create a new demographic. Doggy jobs and bank accounts would have to come first. The programming on the channel falls into several categories, but most of them cater to the legendary short attention span of canines. Brief segments, designed to give dogs some comfort while their humans are out of the house, is the main concept. But evening...

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Tara Reid is Going To Help SyFy Take A Bite Out of The “Shark Week” Franchise

The Discovery Channel owns Shark Week and has for more than 20 years now. So, how does Syfy intend to take a bite out of the franchise? One day at a time. That’s the plan of attack on July 11 when Syfy launches its own shark marathon around the debut of the hotly anticipated original movie Sharknado. Haven’t heard of it yet? That’s okay. How many people heard of Plan 9 from Outer Space before it became a cult classic with a reputation for being the worst (meaning best) movie of all time? That’s the kind of buzz Sharknado...

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