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Author: Treva Bowdoin

3 Reasons Martha Stewart Roasting Justin Bieber is Awesome

  Martha Stewart is one of the celebrities who just couldn’t turn down the chance to do a little Bieb-bashing at the Comedy Central Roast of Justin Bieber, which taped on March 14 and airs later this month. If Stewart is as good at crafting jokes about Canadian pop stars as she is at crafting household decor, we know she did just fine. 1. Her mere presence is funnier than any dirty joke The more you think about Stewart’s presence at Bieber’s roast, the funnier it becomes. There’s no word on why she decided to sign up for the...

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Unique Dating Tips from FX’s “Man Seeking Woman”

  The new FX series “Man Seeking Woman,” is a romantic comedy told from a male point of view, where Josh Greenberg (Jay Baruchel) deals with his disastrous dating life by seeing the world around him in a very surreal way. If you think your own love life is a mess, you might feel better after watching Josh deal with trash trolls, immortal dictators, and bloodthirsty bra monsters. I’m learning some odd dating lessons by watching Josh’s journey to find female companionship, but they can apply to the real world, with a little tweaking, of course. Don’t talk about...

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“Once Upon a Time” Is Repeating Itself

ABC’s “Once Upon a Time” recently aired an epic two-hour episode for November sweeps, and it definitely had some magical moments. There was a steamy Outlaw Queen scene; Elsa helped Emma embrace her magic; and Robin Hood found a clue about Henry’s mysterious storybook. However, the episode also reminded us that “Once Upon a Time” writes a book of fairy tales by telling the same stories over and over. The show runs the risk of becoming too predictable by overusing certain plot devices. Memory Wipes In “Smash the Mirror,” Elsa became the latest character to have her memory erased....

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“Gotham” Will Be Introducing These Villains Very Soon

“Gotham” introduced us to the Penguin and the characters who will become Catwoman and the Riddler. And the FOX series has followed a villain-of-the-week format, giving us criminals who kill with weather balloons and steampunk switchblades. I thought these fast and furious flashes of Gotham’s most wanted would only be used for the first few episodes of the series. They would get viewers hooked, allowing the show to slow down and focus more on the characters we’ve already met. However, the series is going to continue adding more criminals to its cast of Batman baddies, and I’m really hoping...

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“Once Upon a Time” Has a Twisted Family Tree

The twisted family tree of “Once Upon a Time” is getting more complicated than Regina’s relationship with Robin Hood. It didn’t take Elizabeth Mitchell’s sinister Snow Queen long to claim a family tie to a “Frozen” character, and who can blame her for wanting to be part of one of Disney’s most beloved franchises? There’s a high likelihood she lied about being related to Elsa, but there’s video evidence that she was once Emma Swan’s memory-swiping foster mom. With all the magic used to alter her mind, maybe it’s time for Emma to schedule a few sessions with Archie....

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