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Author: Treva Bowdoin

Missing “Manhattan” Because of Analeigh Tipton

ABC’s “Manhattan Love Story” just became the first casualty of the fall season, meaning we’ll never get to see Peter driving that sex car of his. We’ll also never find out if he’s a fan of Dana’s “pity panties.” But I’m not going to miss “Manhattan Love Story” because I was sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to find out when Peter and Dana would finally defeat fate and test-drive that sex car. I’m going to miss it because it had a sweetness that other TV romantic comedies are lacking. I love the assertive, somewhat obnoxious character played by Casey Wilson in “Marry Me,” but it was refreshing to see a more soft-spoken, mellow leading lady on “Manhattan Love Story.” Dana was no doormat, but she didn’t need to dominate every scene she was in by raising her voice, getting all huffy, and telling someone why they’re wrong. Tipton’s Soothing Screen Presence Watching Analeigh Tipton play Dana was a pleasant experience, and you couldn’t help but fall in love with her doe eyes and demure demeanor. I’ve seriously marveled at her mastery of the classic eyelash batting, head-ducking move—she’s definitely a pro when it comes to looking adorable. She also has a smooth, soft spoken voice that made her the perfect choice for a character with an inner monologue. Dana’s Romantic Vision of NYC I love that...

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7 Craziest Moments on “Z Nation”

Syfy’s “Z Nation” is the perfect show for those who need a break from the bleak mood and slow pace of “The Walking Dead.” Sometimes the anxiety-inducing AMC series can be tough to watch because you spend every episode waiting to see which beloved character is going to die next. “Z Nation” is much easier to watch because it has a sense of humor about the zombie apocalypse. Sure it’s silly most of the time, but who cares when you get crazy zombie moments like the ones listed below? 1. A Zombie Tornado Obviously “Z Nation” had to make a “Sharknado” joke when deadly undead missiles started hurtling through the air, and this wasn’t the only pop culture reference in “Home Sweet Zombie.” After seeing zombies bounce off of trees and fly through windows, loveable drug fiend Doc wisecracked, “Man, if I see a munchkin, I’m gonna freak.” If only the show would’ve dropped a house on top of a zombie wearing striped stockings. 2. A Zombie Dog Because animals can also be infected by the zombie virus, a “Z Nation” weather forecast could actually call for a zombie sharknado. Citizen Z finally got a taste of zombie action when he encountered hungry undead Husky at the isolated CDC center. Before putting down the undead dog, Citizen Z came up with the perfect name for it: Cujo. 3. The...

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How All of the Villians of “Gotham” Stack Up

The “Gotham” rogues gallery continues to grow in size with each episode of the show, and a distinctive pattern is starting to emerge. There’s a quickly-apprehended villain of the week, and there are the big baddies who get to stay out on the street. Some of them might not be free to cause chaos for long, but they definitely leave their marks on Gotham. Let’s take a look at how these various villains stack up from the least-threatening to the most-threatening. Catwoman Selina Kyle is more of a victim of the corrupt Gotham system than a villain. Her biggest crimes appear to be petty thefts, and how can you view someone as a villain when they steal milk to feed street kitties? However, the street urchin isn’t afraid to show her claws when she needs to—she’s a pro at scratching out eyes. Poison Ivy The dangerous villainess is very young right now, so she doesn’t pose much of a threat. However, her father was a career criminal who tried to kill a cop, and he was framed for the Wayne murder. Fatherless Ivy might grow up with a grudge against James Gordon and the rest of the Gotham police force, and someday she’ll start using poisonous plants to take down her enemies. The Riddler Edward Nygma has shown no signs of being evil so far, but it’s only a...

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5 Wackiest “Frozen” Moments on “Once Upon a Time” So Far

Disney’s “Frozen” seemed like the perfect fit for “Once Upon a Time”—it’s about the dangers of magic powers, love, and a power struggle, all of which can be found on “Once.” However, adding Elsa and Anna’s story to Henry’s mysterious storybook has resulted in a few moments that weren’t exactly magical. Let’s take a look at the silliest “Frozen” scenes we’ve seen so far. 1. Anna convinces David to fight warlord Bo Peep. How did Anna avoid the urge to burst out laughing when she learned David was petrified of Little Bo Peep? “Once Upon a Time” has done some pretty wacky things in the past, but turning Bo Peep into a “warlord” was one of the show’s most laughable moves. Even worse, the most harmless-looking girl in the world had to convince cowardly David that he was capable of taking down a nursery rhyme character with an army consisting of two goons in a gazebo. Without Anna turning him into an expert swordsman in just one day, David and his awful wig would be Bo Peep’s slaves for life. It’s great that David and Elsa were able to use Bo the Butcher’s shepherd’s crook to check up on Anna, but I don’t get why David allowed an enemy to keep such a powerful magic item. 2. Suddenly, there’s a second Snow Queen in Storybrooke. Elsa isn’t the only...

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“Galavant” Boasts a Host of Medieval Stars

“Galavant” won’t air until January 2015, but the show’s impressive guest list is already making it seem like a successful series that’s aired for seasons. It’s like a medieval “Mindy Project,” but even Mindy Kaling would wonder how the series snagged some of its guest stars. Let’s take a look at who is going to pop up on the fairy tale musical about the titular handsome hero (Joshua Sasse) who loses his true love to the deliciously devious King Richard (Timothy Omundson). John Stamos Have mercy! This “Full House” hottie is set to star as a singing knight who squares off against “Galavant” in a joust. Because the dashing knight likes to belt out tunes, it’s likely he and Galavant will also engage in a war of warbled words out on the jousting field. Executive producer Dan Fogelman described Stamos’ character as being “funny as hell” and looking “like Lancelot wishes he looked.” But there’s just one thing I want to know: will we get a medieval version of “Kokomo?” Weird Al The Prince of Parody, the Squire of Satire, and the King of Caricature is coming to “Galavant” to play a singing monk. There’s no word on whether he’ll lampoon any well-known tunes, but “Galavant” is airing on ABC, a subsidiary of Disney. ABC’s other fairy tale show, “Once Upon a Time,” didn’t want to get musical by...

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