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Author: Treva Bowdoin

We Love the Monster Love on “Grimm”

The cutest couple on TV is a woman with a furry face and a guy whose grotesque looks would send anyone running away screaming. Yes, you heard me right. I’m talking about Rosalee and Monroe (Monrosalee) from “Grimm,” the werewolf-like newlyweds whose first day of marital bliss was ruined by a murderous FBI agent and a wily witch. Monrosalee didn’t get a perfect wedding, but I’m pretty certain the hairy sweethearts won’t let that minor setback negatively impact their incredible relationship. The Way They Woge Whenever Rosalee woges, she’s absolutely adorable. Her fluffy Fuchsbau face brings to mind a chubby-cheeked hamster or a furry little fox. Monroe isn’t quite as cute when he transforms. He turns into a terrifying Blutbad with red eyes and other frightening features. However, once you get to know him, you find yourself being less freaked out by the way he looks with his other face on. He’s certainly no Big Bad Wolf. Monroe is a vegetarian who fights his instincts to snack on the citizens of Portland. In his human form, he’s a harmless, super-sweet hipster with a great sense of humor. Monroe’s Adorkable Proposal Monroe has a crazy obsession with old clocks. He even rigged a cuckoo clock to propose to Rosalee in the most squee-worthy way — by rigging it to say, “Will you marry me?” whenever the cuckoo bird popped out....

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“The Mindy Project”: Who Should Be Mindy’s New Male BFF?

“The Mindy Project” is doing an excellent job proving that having two main characters hook up doesn’t have to be a jump-the-shark moment. However, now that Danny Castellano is giving Mindy stripteases as Diamond Dan and penning poetry about his “Brown Orchid,” I kind of miss the days when he was her reluctant work friend. Instead of spending too much time on relationship stuff, I’d love to see “The Mindy Project” explore Mindy’s friendships with her other male colleagues. But who would make the best new boy BFF to bicker and gossip with? Dr. Peter Prentice Pros – Mindy’s relationship with Peter developed the same way her relationship with Danny did—the doctors couldn’t stand each other at first, but they really started to care about each other after spending more time together. Peter had the reluctant friend thing going on during season two’s “Bro Club for Dudes.” Mindy tortured the typical bro by taking him out for tea at the girly USA Girl Café, and she shared too much when she revealed it’s where her mother took her after she got her first period. Peter was not impressed and his dislike of Mindy made it possible for him to morph into “new Danny.” Peter is also an excellent wedding date. The party pro can command the dance floor, and he even ruined the wedding of a two-timing ex by...

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Who Should “South Park” Skewer Next?

“South Park” loves to lampoon pop culture, and the show is at its best when it chooses TV targets. Last season, we saw the mocking of Miley Cyrus’ MTV Video Music Awards performance, Kim Kardashian’s love affair with airbrushing, and the “informative murder porn” crime reenactment shows that make up the bulk of Investigation Discovery’s programming. There was also an epic, three-part “Game of Thrones” send-up that poked fun at all the male full-frontal nudity on the HBO show, and it was such a big hit that author George R.R. Martin felt compelled to respond to it: “I do have to say I’ve been told that my character on “South Park” is obsessed about weenies,” he told “Clevver News.” “I have to deny this as a scurrilous rumor.” Now the big question is, which TV series will “South Park” skewer during season 18? There’s no shortage of small screen fodder to take a swipe at, but there are a few shows we want to see the cast take on. “Duck Dynasty” Obviously the Duck President would have to make a cameo in a “Duck Dynasty”-themed episode, but it would really be all about South Park’s resident rednecks, Jimbo and Ned. They seem like they’d be big fans of the camo-clad Duck Commander crew, and it would be interesting to see how the citizens of South Park would react if...

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How “The Strain” Became 10X Scarier than “The Walking Dead”

“The Strain” and “The Walking Dead” are both TV series about infected humans undergoing horrific transformations, and they both focus on epidemics that threaten the future of mankind. If you aren’t convinced that “The Strain” vampires are more formidable and frightening than “The Walking Dead” zombies, perhaps the list below will change your mind. 1. The method of infection is worse. We’ve learned that everyone on “The Walking Dead” already has the pathogen that causes reanimation. No one knows how or why, which is pretty terrifying, but “The Strain” method of infection is far worse. Before you can die and become a vampire, a tiny, parasitic worm has to wiggle inside your body through the eye or another orifice. These squirmy little assassins are almost creepier than the killer creatures they create. 2. The vampire transformations are more terrifying. Transforming into a zombie is a simple process: you die and rise as a walking corpse. You’re already dead when you turn, so you don’t have to witness your transformation into something terrifying. This rule also applies to the vampire pathogen, but some of the infected don’t die before they begin to thirst for human blood. The four survivors on “The Strain” plane had to watch themselves slowly change from healthy humans to bloodthirsty beasts with new sets of organs. Ansel was cognizant enough to realize he was becoming a...

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5 Things That Make “Z Nation” Worth Watching and Getting Addicted To

If you watched “Sharknado 2” on the Syfy channel, you probably saw the first teaser trailer for “Z Nation,” a new zombie series starring Harold Perrineau and Tom Everett Scott, premiering on September 12. Syfy is obviously hoping to capitalize on the success of “The Walking Dead,” but this plan could backfire if too many fans of the AMC series decide “Z Nation” is just a cheap rip-off of their beloved show. Instead of writing it off as a knock-off, fans of “The Walking Dead” should give the Syfy series a chance. Both shows might be about zombie apocalypse survivors fighting to stay alive, but there are a variety of ways “Z Nation” can go different directions and shut down “The Walking Dead” comparisons. 1. Just call a zombie a zombie. Using the z-word is taboo on “The Walking Dead,” but maybe the “Z Nation” survivors will live in a world where zombie movies exist. Because of “The Walking Dead,” it would be difficult for the creators of the Syfy series to invent an original term for the undead anyway. The long list of creative zombie names coined by the AMC series includes walkers, biters, geeks, lame brains, and creepers. They’re clever and all, but it would be refreshing to hear someone utter the word “zombie” on a TV series about zombies. 2. Introduce fresh undead threats. There’s a...

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