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Author: Treva Bowdoin

The 5 Best “The Walking Dead” Moments From Comic-Con

Fans of “The Walking Dead” who made it to San Diego Comic Con were privy to a real treat. The show about corpse resurrection fed their obsession by bringing the zombie infection to the gathering of the geeks in a really big way. The AMC series really won Comic Con with its cannibal cookout, terrific new trailer, and epic cast interviews. If you couldn’t make it to the Con, don’t worry; you can read about some of the most memorable “The Walking Dead” moments right here. 1. The Zombiecue In honor of the survivors’ arrival at the Terminus death trap, “The Walking Dead” held a macabre cookout at Comic Con and dubbed it “Those Who Arrive, Imbibe.” To score a chance to attend the Terminus barbecue, Comic Con attendees didn’t have to be extra meaty; they just had to find a Terminus map and tweet a selfie in front of it along with the hashtag #TweetToEat. So far, no attendees have reported on the mystery meat they were given to eat, so hopefully they made it out of the cookout completely intact. Now that barbecuing has become such a big thing on “The Walking Dead,” perhaps all this gruesome grilling will have fans replacing Spaghetti Tuesday with Terminus Tuesday. 2.  Norman Reedus Reminiscing Shortly before heading to Comic Con, Reedus talked to Entertainment Weekly about the time he and...

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12 Words That Have a Different Meaning on “The Walking Dead”

Fans of “The Walking Dead” fans have created a frightening new definition for the word “termite.” To most folks these hungry critters are just pests that like to snack on houses. However, to a fan of the AMC zombie series, “Termites” are a cunning cult of cannibals who enjoy feasting on human flesh. At least this what most viewers believe after meeting the residents of the “sanctuary” known as “Terminus.” However, there’s a slim chance that the Termites might not be more than human-hungry monsters. During a summer “Talking Dead” special, Gareth actor Andrew J. West revealed that the Termites’ fearless leader isn’t like last season’s big bads, The Governor and the Claimers. “He falls way more towards the Rick character or even Glenn [than The Governor],” West said, according to “He’s a way more normal guy who’s just trying to survive.” Because we can’t be positive about whom exactly the Termites are, the definition of the term “Termite” shall remain blank in “The Walking Dead” dictionary. While we wait to find out what the Terminus crew is really up to, let’s take a look at a few other words that have different meanings on “The Walking Dead.” 1.    Walkers: These aren’t the contraptions that help the elderly around, but a “Walking Dead” zombie does move about as fast as an octogenarian with a walker. A walker might...

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6 Reasons Fans of “The Mindy Project” Should Give “Selfie” a Chance

The fall ABC series “Selfie” isn’t getting a lot of love on the web, most likely because there are a lot of people out there who aren’t fans of the self-absorbed act of snapping a photo of yourself to post on Instagram. However, if I’ve learned anything from watching “The Mindy Project,” it’s this: narcissistic characters who get on your nerves can transform into people you want to be BFFs with. I know we live in a world obsessed with insta-everything, but there are a plenty of reasons why fans of “The Mindy Project” should patiently give “Selfie” a shot past the pilot if they aren’t insta-impressed right off the bat. Here are six of those reasons. 1. It’s also a TV rom-com. Mindy Kaling’s FOX series references popular rom-coms like “When Harry Met Sally,” “Sleepless in Seattle,” and “Pretty Woman.” “Selfie” is doing something similar, but it’s focusing on just one epic movie romance. In fact, its main characters’ monikers might sound familiar: Eliza Dooley (Karen Gillan) and Henry Higenbottam (John Cho). It seems like the series is trying to do for “My Fair Lady” what “Bridget Jones’s Diary” did for “Pride and Prejudice.” In other words, it’s a TV series Mindy Lahiri would binge watch while sobbing and sucking wine through a sour straw. 2. Eliza and Mindy are both obsessed with social media. “Selfie” borrows a...

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5 Midseason Series “Once Upon a Time” Fans Will Love

“Once Upon a Time” fans probably don’t enjoy the mid-season break the series takes every year, but this year there may be a band aid to cover the wound. There are quite a few upcoming midseason shows that will satiate your craving for magic, mysteries, and new twists on fairy tales. The shows below don’t have premiere dates yet, but many of them might pop up soon after “Once Upon a Time” ends the first half of season four with an exasperating cliffhanger. “Emerald City” – NBC This series is perfect for “Once Upon a Time” fans who were disappointed to find out that Wicked doesn’t always win; instead she gets offed way too soon. The green-skinned sorceress will probably live a lot longer in “Emerald City,” but she’s eventually going to have to deal with Dorothy. Speaking of the girl in the gingham dress, she’s a girl no more in “Emerald City.” Instead she’s been re-imagined as a 20-year-old woman who has more than one thing in common with Emma Swan. For one thing, she has no idea who her birth mother is. According to TV Line, she tries to solve this mystery by sneaking into “a sinister facility somewhere in the Midwest.” She’s forced to flee the facility, and she takes a little dog with her. However, Toto is also getting an extreme makeover; he’s now a...

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Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz Tour Coming to NBC: Moments that Might be Too Hot for TV

Miley Cyrus’ Bangerz tour is coming to TV on July 6. NBC is hoping to cash in on Miley mania with a documentary that will focus on Miley’s performances from upcoming concerts in Barcelona and Lisbon. According to The Wrap, the twerktastic special will also feature behind-the-scenes footage and “examine what makes [Cyrus] such a global phenomenon.” The last time a Miley performance was featured on TV, quite a few people freaked out. Miley’s manic twerking, tongue flashing, and faux fake finger fellatio were the talk of the MTV Video Music Awards last year. The Parents Television Council complained that the performance “substituted talent with sex;” Kelly Clarkson threw hashtag shade at Miley by dubbing female VMAs performers “#pitchystrippers;” and the FCC was flooded with complaints. Miley was accused of acting like a hooker, being sexist, and trying to appeal to pedophiles. Some angry viewers wanted the singer banned from performing or even fined and jailed. Obviously this didn’t happen and Miley Cyrus’ performance had the desired effect – everyone is still talking about her. And because NBC’s “Miley Cyrus: Bangerz Tour” documentary is two hours long, there’s plenty of potential for Miley to cause even more of a stir. Miley’s management has already been inundated with complaints from angry parents who want her Bangerz tour shut down. These parents believe it’s too racy for the former “Hannah Montana”...

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