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Author: Treva Bowdoin

“Once Upon a Time” Hopes To Capitalize on “Frozen” Fever – Adds Anna and Elsa

“Once Upon a Time” is hoping to capitalize on “Frozen” fever by introducing princess sisters Anna and Elsa. Mountain man Kristoff is also going to appear on the show, but there’s no word about him having a reindeer sidekick or a CGI snowman to accompany him on his adventures. “Once Upon a Time” will pick up where the animated movie left off, so the show isn’t going to risk upsetting “Frozen” fans by altering Elsa and Anna’s backstory. So it’s very unlikely that Elsa will be a bona fide villain like Peter Pan or the Wicked Witch. However, she could cause chaos by losing control of her icy powers once again, and she might have an icicle to pick with Mr. Gold for keeping her locked up inside that vault. In the rush to bring the “Frozen” ice queen and her sister to the small screen, “Once Upon a Time” skipped over quite a few Disney princesses. This doesn’t mean that the princesses listed below will never show up on the show, but any previous plans to introduce them during season 4 were probably put on ice so that the ice queen could be brought to life. Princess Tiana from “Princess and the Frog” When it was announced that “The Walking Dead” actress Sonequa Martin-Green had been cast as a season 2 character, there was speculation that she would...

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“Fargo” Flash-forward Episode Winners and Losers

“Fargo” shocked viewers with a flash-forward that almost gave all the characters a fairytale ending. The time jump in “The Heap” was highly irregular for a TV series (but not as highly irregular as the time Lorne Malvo found a human foot in a toaster oven). A lot has changed over the course of a year, and most of our colorful characters are doing amazingly well after all that they’ve endured. Agents Budge and Pepper Budge and Pepper haven’t budged from the file room, so they’re definitely the biggest losers here. However, the exiled agents should look at the bright side of things: They’re still employed with the FBI after letting Malvo get away with the massacre of an entire building full of people. I also have a feeling their little time-out is about to come to an end. Chief Oswalt Molly’s boneheaded boss sort of redeemed himself by taking in a foster child from Sudan. Chief Wood-Chips-for-Brains seems really pleased with himself for doing this good deed, and he’s likely thrilled he can toot his own horn by telling everyone the heartwarming tale of how he found his Lost Boy stealing from one of the Supermarket King’s stores. He’s also winning in life because Molly has (probably) given up on pestering him – now she’s moved on to hounding the FBI. Molly Solverson Molly has completed her metamorphosis...

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3 June TV Series That Fans of “The Walking Dead” Will Love

It’s only June, which means that it’s still way too long before “The Walking Dead” returns. I know enduring the show’s hiatus is more unbearable than spending seasons three and four waiting for the Governor to finally force everyone to leave the prison. Bt you don’t have to waste your whole summer worrying that all of season five might take place inside that train car. If you’re looking to take your mind off of the wait to find out the survivors’ fate, you’re in luck. This month you can keep your BRAAAINS busy by checking out three new shows that just might fill that zombie hand-sized hole in your chest. The three shows listed below might not feature zombies capable of tearing your chest cavity open, but they’re all apocalyptic dramas about people dealing with some very serious stuff and thangs. 1. “Dominion” June 19 at 9 p.m. on Syfy If there aren’t enough Biblical references in “The Walking Dead” for you, perhaps you’ll enjoy seeing the Syfy channel get religion. This exciting new series is a sequel to the movie “Legion” and takes place 25 years after the events in the movie. The angel Gabriel and his legion of lower angels have waged a war against humanity, and mankind’s battle against the celestial beings has turned the world into a very different place. The post-apocalyptic landscape features plenty...

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The 5 Most Gruesome Moments on “Mad Men”: Will Megan’s Death Be Another?

It’s hard not to feel like “The Strategy” was the calm before the storm on “Mad Men.” Megan’s request to meet on neutral ground in the future was a sure sign that she’s fed up with the way things are going with Don, and it’s also not a good sign that she fetched her fondue pot and a large assortment of other things to bring back to Cali with her – it looks like she’s moving out for good. Or will she exit Don’s life in a more morbid manner? If you look at “The Runaways” and the ominous promo for the midseason finale, you’ll get the sense that something sinister is going to happen to Megan. The promo featured tense music building up to a crescendo, and it sounded an awful lot like what you hear in a movie when a plane’s about to crash. The plane-centric promo also showed Megan sitting on her big ol’ jet airliner back to L.A. right before informing viewers that “it’s all up in the air.” “Mad Men” could just be messing with us by playing into theories that someone is going to die in a plane crash or that Don is about to take on a third identity as plane hijacker D. B. Cooper. However, it’s also possible the promo’s plane imagery was a ploy to divert attention away from where...

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5 Reasons ‘Galavant’ Is Must-See TV

Galavant's Steed! — Joshua Sasse (@joshuasasse) February 22, 2014 “Galavant” looks like the antidote to watching too many brutal episodes of “Game of Thrones.” The fairy tale musical might have a similar setting, but it’s lighthearted, funny, and whimsical. I’m still trying to decide if the trailer is so bad, it’s good or if it’s just good. Regardless, I already know that I absolutely must watch this show. Here are five reason you should also give it a chance. 1. ABC knows how to do fairy tales justice Let’s just pretend that “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland”...

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