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Ben Bass Talks ‘Rookie Blue’ Season 5 and Sams Relationship with Andy

Ben Bass Rookie Blue Ben Bass Rookie Blue’s, Sam Swarek, sat down with CableTV in an exclusive follow up interview to discuss the season four finale and where he sees his character going next season. Q: I want to start at the beginning of the season. When we first spoke the season was just about to start and now I want to get your take on what actually happened with Sam and Andy and where were we when the first episode aired? Bass: Missy [Peregrym] and I discussed it and in terms of what we discussed, I am trying to think back to the time frame. I think it was six or nine, — no I think it was six yeah. She must have been gone for six months. Basically, she disappears undercover obviously and Sam would have means to find out what had happened to her. As far as I am concerned, he even knew generally where she was, he had an idea. With those types of undercover situations you don’t know when or how long you are going to go under for, so I think he waited about three months and then after three months he said okay you know what, what am I doing? Three months when you are waiting for someone you just poured your heart out to and they just take off – she in certain respects is totally justified. But as far as Sam’s concerned, I don’t think he would have poured his heart out to her if he didn’t think he had a shot. So he does and she takes off, so after three months of waiting, I am a dummy, I am an idiot. She doesn’t wanna be with me I am going to get on with my life. So I think probably Marlo was duck tailing with those feelings…so [Marlo and I] were together for three months and that is where the story picks up. Q: So obviously you know the fans are crazy obsessed with Sam and Andy. Were you surprised then at the reaction that people had when that first episode aired especially after that scene with you and Marlo kissing? Bass: I am happy to say that when the fans interacted with me on Twitter they were very nice about it [laughs]. I don’t think they were as mean as they might have wanted to be. I obviously appreciated that and I think it kept a buffer…that being said, I understood, we all knew that it was going to be upsetting for the fans, that it was going to be jarring. The thing that the fans didn’t have – well I guess it’s in the story how long she was away for…I think he explains his point of view, she explains her point of view. I think it makes sense that the fans were going to go a little crazy until they heard his point of view as it were. Q: Every season of this show has been very specific with it’s overall focus and in seasons past it has been a lot of the police aspect, which was definitely still there this season, but I felt like there was a lot of focus on relationships and I felt bad for your character this season and it was so sad. Bass: I don’t know if we talked about this a little bit before…but I did feel that there were a bunch of episodes that were challenging for Sam this season that didn’t necessarily have to do with my involvement in each episode…it was very emotional and challenging…I think you put it well he has gotten beaten up…I think when Andy comes back, yeah, he can’t help himself. He just sees her and he is on fire. So he can’t help but feel the things he feels for her. I think he thinks she is very complicated… Q: I have a problem with one thing though and I know you don’t write the show, but I wanted to hear how you interpreted it, but to me its very Sam for him to want to protect someone, but what I didn’t understand was the lengths he went to, to protect her… Bass: I hope I don’t get in trouble for this, but I was on exactly the same page as you and that was a big battle for me. I took that to the writers and that was a tough battle…I hope I don’t ruffle any feathers. The writing kind of got interesting there…there was a lot of scope to it and some interesting plot twists and turns. Having said that, I did feel that it was a great challenge to me to believe that Sam would pull Andy into it, I didn’t think he would do that and so I fought really, really hard against how it was originally shaped. Now it’s hard for me to think back to the concessions that were made by the writers regarding this issue that I have had because I haven’t seen the episode… Q: Where do you see your character heading for season five? Bass: Lets say we don’t know whether or not Sam is going to live…. Q: Okay this is getting crazy… Bass: Lets say we don’t know…one think thing that you might explore as the writers is picking up right where we left off. Q: Okay, I don’t like where this is going. Bass: [laughs]. Q: Lets change the conversation. Bass: Oh that is so funny. I could be completely wrong but… Q: That is just unacceptable and the fans are going to kill me so lets just say you are fine. Bass: Okay, if Sam is fine then I have no idea. In a way its kind of easy to pick it up from there… Photo Courtesy of Matt Barnes/ABC. Listen to our full Ben Bass Rookie Blue interview below. Find Monica on Google+

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