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The 5 Best Adam Ruins Everything Episodes

Before the debut of Adam Conover’s new series The G Word, we look back at some of our favorite episodes of his Adam Ruins Everything show.

If you’ve ever seen comedian/actor/writer Adam Conover’s 2015–2019 truTV series Adam Ruins Everything, he’s probably ruined something for you.

In the show, he deconstructed and debunked general misconceptions about American culture, like pro football (it’s kinda rigged and extremely injurious), Christmas (it’s actually bad for the economy), music (you and your favorite artists are being ripped off), and many more. Buzzkill education, for sure.

In his new Netflix series premiering May 19, The G Word with Adam Conover, the snarky skeptic deviates from his previous single-topic-per-episode approach in favor of six episodes all about one inescapable entity: the US federal government. Let’s assume the “G” word isn’t “good.”

In the meantime, we’re looking back at some of our favorite Adam Ruins Everything episodes, all of which are available to stream on HBO Max. Happy ruining!

Adam to the HBO Max

All 65 episodes of Adam Ruins Everything are available to stream on HBO Max. Read about what other cool shows you can stream there in our What to Watch on HBO Max guide.

“Adam Ruins Work” | S1 E8

After explaining how freelance work is technically illegal, why unpaid internships are bad for everyone (except the company), and how the 40-hour workweek is an unproductive anachronism, Adam reveals the benefits of open salary disclosure. Maybe your boss needs to see this one.

“Adam Ruins Death” | S1 E12

The American funeral industry preys on grieving families with overly expensive coffins and unnecessary embalming, and you should really have an end-of-life plan. These are the episode’s big takeaways, which also includes a darkly funny interview with mortician/author Caitlin Doughty.

“Adam Ruins the Suburbs” | S2 E10

Adam drops the knowledge that cul-de-sacs are the worst, water-sucking lawns are worse-er, and the suburbs are a main contributor to institutional school segregation—fun stuff all around. On the upside, the episode also includes an enlightening segment with New York Times civil rights journalist Nikole Hannah-Jones.

“Adam Ruins Games” | S3 E3

Lessons learned: Every host city loses millions on the Olympics (but the International Olympic Committee makes bank), Monopoly was originally intended as a lesson on capitalism’s threat to society, and videogames don’t actually incite violent behavior. Bonus: “Weird” Al Yankovic as the devil.

“Adam Ruins Himself” | S3 E12

In the series finale, Adam lays out how sponsors sometimes guided his show’s focus, explains his own biases, and addresses errors and inconsistencies in previous Adam Ruins Everything episodes. He also reveals the unspoken connection between dopamine and advertising . . . and entertainment listicles? Just asking.

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