There is nothing better than a free application that combines social networking, behind-the-scenes photos, commentary, and a forum all in one place. likes to share our best Star App of the Week, and this week’s pick is IntoNow.

IntoNow is a TV app designed to help friends easily connect to the television shows they love through a very simple process. Users download the application (at no cost) and then tap the green button on the home screen while watching their favorite television show. The application will listen to the show that is on your television for about 30 seconds and then pull up the show. After you confirm the correct match, the application will provide everything from additional information to associated links, and it allows users to share comments through Facebook and Twitter in seconds.

In addition, users can tape screen shots of the episodes and add their commentary to that specific scene, follow friends that watch similar shows, and comment during the show in real time through an online forum.

“IntoNow, which is based [on] our patented platform SoundPrint, analyzes the ambient audio being generated from your television in three second increments,” said IntoNow developers.

“The audio is the converted into a fingerprint that basically becomes the show’s unique signature ID — that is matched on the back end to our reference set…. Once we make a match, we return all of the metadata associated with that show and episode — things like title, description, cast, and associated links. This all happens in seconds.”

After a few test tries, I found that the TV app has been incredibly accurate in identifying nearly every show I tested from old shows to new shows — all on different networks. The app is nice because it separates the television information from the discussions sections, allowing the user to decide just how involved they want to be with the application.

Another nice feature is called Popular, which is represented by a star at the bottom of the application. When you click the star, you will see a list of what people are watching in real time.

If you want to see what else is popular, you can do that too. Users can search to see the most popular check-ins in the last 24 hours and go as far back as 30 days.

To download the application, your device needs to be running iOS 4.0 or higher with a built-in or external microphone. Android users also have access to the application through the Android market.

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