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‘Bones’ Michaela Conlin Talks Season 9 and Booth and Brennan’s Wedding Plans

Michaela Conlin

Although Michaela Conlin has made appearances on various television shows, she is best known for her portrayal of Angela Montenegro on the hit Fox series, Bones. Taking time out of her crazy shooting schedule, Conlin sat down to discuss what is coming up on season nine of Bones and hinted to some possible spoilers a lot of fans have been waiting for.

Q: I wanted to start by discussing some scenes from previous seasons. For starters, I spoke with T.J. [Thyne] and I wanted to get your perspective. You both have this amazing ability to not only play the more likable, lovable couple but you are able to bring in the emotion and the heart to some more serious moments. How do you balance that?

Conlin: That has always been a great thing about the show, that there is a tone that kind of walks this line of being very dark, intense and also very light at the same time. There are definitely points where it’s challenging as an actor because it changes so quickly. We will be talking about a murder and then we will be talking about Angela’s sex life or something. It is very delicate. For me, it’s really just communicating honestly, as honestly as possible…

Q: Throughout the seasons, Angela and Hodgins have been back and forth, up and down in their relationship…I am fascinated by a scene–specifically the one where you are in prison together and ultimately get married…it was such a beautiful scene. Can you two just be locked in prison forever? It was just amazing.

Conlin: We worked very hard on that. Thank you that means a lot. It was such a good moment, I think for the fans as well who had been rooting for this couple through many courtships and breakups. I thought that Hart [Hansen] really handled that well. It was such an interesting thing to be in one jail cell together. It was fun to shoot.

Q: How has Angela evolved?

Conlin: I really loved that Angela was always sort of a reluctant member of the team in the beginning. I think in season one there is a moment when she goes to Brennan and says, I don’t think I can do this. I don’t think I could handle all of this stuff…I think she needs the group a lot more then she lets on. She always says she could leave or she always has one foot out the door, but I think in actuality she gets a lot from the dysfunctionality of that place.

Q: Bones has these amazing one episodes where everything is solved and then episodes that are grouped together to form a larger story. Which one do you prefer and how do you prepare for it?

Conlin: I definitely do like the story arcs. I really enjoyed everything that happened with Angela and Hodgins…I do prefer those, but the last few seasons when we have done some standalones, like the roller derby episode or the episodes where they go undercover — it is really fun for us as a group to kind of do that, like immerse ourselves in that for eight or nine days and then be out of it. The show balances both of them, but I prefer longer arcs.

Q: By the way, as a fan, we want Angela and Hodgins undercover!

Conlin: [laughs]. I think that’s great. We would love it. I think Hart and Stephen mentioned it at one point. I don’t know if that is ever going to happen, but we have to come up with some fun ideas.

Q: Season eight ends and we have Pelant in the picture. You and Hodgins are broke, he prevents Booth and Brennan’s wedding. What is going on now in Season nine?

Conlin: We ended the season with Pelant in many ways forcing Booth’s hand and preventing the wedding. We open with everyone dealing with that, which I like. It’s not entirely pleasant specifically with Angela and Booth. I have been seeing on Twitter a little bit about people’s reactions to Angela…Angela has a lot of feelings about it and is angry at Booth. I am really enjoying doing it. I think it’s nice to finally see some people fight…it’s an interesting part of her journey in the first episode back.

Q: I am assuming then, we will be seeing some interesting scenes between Angela and Booth?

Conlin: Yes [laughs]. I can’t say too much, but there have definitely been some words.

Q: Alright so what can fans expect this season?

Conlin: I wish I knew more. I have heard that we may find out what Angela’s real name is. That was a rumor, I don’t know if that is actually going to happen or not. I heard that we may meet some of Hodgins’ family. Which would be really great because he has so much history between owning The Jeffersonian and being really wealthy. I am not sure if either of those things are going to happen but I hope so. I would also love to see them go undercover, or just Angela again and do something great. I don’t know, I don’t know too much. There has been lots of wedding buzz and Pelant and that has been taking up a lot of the first few episodes.

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