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‘Bones’ T.J. Thyne Says The Season 9 Premiere Episode Will “Shock Everyone”


T.J. Thyne is best known for his portrayal of Dr. Jack Hodgins, or just “Hodgins,” on Fox’s hit show, Bones. As the show heads into its ninth season, Thyne said there is no place he would rather be then on set with his cast mates. While on set, Thyne took some time out to speak to us about how far Hodgins has come and what viewers could expect this season.

Q: Can you talk to me about where we have left off at the end of Season eight?

Thyne: It’s been crazy for many reasons for all of the storylines that have been going on, but we adopting this new type of shooting schedule where we will put two, three, or four episodes in the can before we finished the season. I am calling you from the set, we actually just wrapped a scene. I am sitting in the lab right now…I know we ended with Booth and Brennan not being together and that bastard Pelant.

Q: I know that he ruins Booth and Brennan, but earlier in the season he stole Hodgins’ money! Does that come into play?

Thyne: We have been talking for a long time about Hodgins losing his money and there had been so many ideas going back and forth on how we could do it and different ideas from the writers…me and Michaela [Conlin] thought this would be a great opportunity for us to go from riches to rags and see how it affects our relationship…and we don’t really get to see it. That’s the bummer. There are so many storylines so that particular one didn’t really get addressed.

Q: Well, as an actor do you take that in as part of your backstory?

Thyne: Yeah, you have to. The moments that you know when you are dealing with something storyline wise like Pelant or family storylines where it’s about Angela or Jack sure. Yes.

Q: How has Jack grown?

Thyne: When we started he was like this mad scientist, this angry guy with conspiracy theories about everything in life and all of this money that no one knew about all with angry management issues. He has kind of left all of that and has turned into a loving, kind partner with Angela and their life together. He is a dad and loves being a dad. He has kind of shifted a lot over the years.

Q: You have done a great job because the way you play him even though he had all of these issues, he was always lovable. Even in that flashback episode when he was using that rubber band to hit himself with.

Thyne: I still wear that rubber band. Thank you for what you just said, that’s awesome. He is a joy to play and he is so much fun to play. It’s funny, you assume that there is going to be closure on some storylines and when there isn’t you have to decide when to let it go and so much of Jack’s stuff I haven’t let it go. I still wear the rubber band and even the little belly button wedding ring.

Q: Gotta ask, when you got married in the prison and you get the tiny ring is that ever going to replace that for a real wedding ring?

Thyne: I thought it was just going to be a temporary ring [laughs]. But it has stayed. I think it’s bizarre, but it’s very Angela. It’s the best way to have her show her love to have something weird and different.

Q: The show has covered so many multi-episode stories: Gravedigger, Pelant, Gormogon. Do you like playing these multi-episodes?

Thyne: We love it, I love it. It’s so layered, it’s like getting a sequel to a story you love and getting to flush it out more and more. Everyone in the cast and the characters themselves has an extra weight in the air and it grounds us. I find those episodes to be the most enjoyable ones…we are shooting a Pelant episode right now.

Q: The scene when you and Angela are waiting to find out if your child was going to be blind was so touching. How do you balance the humor and the serious stories?

Thyne: It’s a great question. I feel like it’s a lot like playing music. Where if you are going to sit down and play a piece of music that’s like rock and roll you would have a sense of playfulness and fun…whereas if you were going to sit down and play a classical piece you would sit differently. For actors, you physically change depending on what you are doing.

Q: I love all of the interns, but when is Eric Millegan coming back!! We want him back.

Thyne: Right! I have so many ideas and so many pitches. I know Eric is absolutely game for it. I am really hoping that that can happen. I think it would be wonderful for all of the fans and the cast members. I think Zack should be released and come back permanently… I am the number one cheerleader on that.

Q: What’s coming up for season nine?

Thyne: We are working on the third episode now and it’s a Pelant episode. So he is back. This episode will absolutely shock everyone, including us while we were reading it. There is also an episode where Hodgins gives birth from his neck. It’s nasty. He is so excited about it, but it’s so gross. He is so proud like he is giving birth himself and then more of the Bones that we all love. There will be some really playful episodes and some tough and dramatic episodes.

See T.J. Thyne on the season nine premiere of Bones on Fox, September 16 at 8 pm EST.

Photo Courtesy: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

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