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“Bones”: The Recurring Serial Killers and Their Impact on the Team


There have been several recurring notable serial killers on “Bones,” such as the Gravedigger, Jacob Broadsky, and Christopher Pelant, that have affected the team, and this season, we’ve been introduced to a new one in the Ghost Killer. Which one has been the worst?

The Gravedigger

The Gravedigger was one of those killers who personally attacked several members of the team, beginning with burying Brennan and Hodgins alive and later putting Booth’s life in grave danger before she was finally identified and caught. Those three were forced to drop their own charges against her during the big trial, but even then, her reign of terror wasn’t over as she tried to get to Sweets psychologically when he was the one with her when Jacob Broadsky killed her on the way to the courthouse.

She may have put several team members’ lives in danger and could have easily been the one responsible for one of their deaths, but she was nowhere near the worst killer they faced. She was, however, the first of the worst, and for that, she will be remembered.

Jacob Broadsky

Broadsky could’ve easily been the worst of the worst, as he not only served alongside Booth and made his entrance killing the Gravedigger, but also was the one who killed the squintern Vincent Nigel-Murray in what will likely be either the or one of the saddest scenes ever on the show, but thanks to help from the Jeffersonian team, he became more human as Booth tracked him down because of his injury. It became an easy capture for Booth, and his reign of terror ended.

Christopher Pelant

Right now, Pelant “wins” the award for the worst of the worst, as his actions led to the most damage for the most people on the team. He bankrupted Hodgins, left a dead body in Hodgins and Angela’s bedroom, framed Brennan and Caroline, used Sweets’ research and left Booth with an impossible choice that forced him to end his and Brennan’s engagement.

In the end, our team still won, but as Brennan’s nightmares proved, he will probably end up being the serial killer who will affect them the longest and will likely be not only the most memorable but also the one you can’t help but compare others to in the future.

The Ghost Killer

Pelant left Brennan with a parting gift: the tease of the Ghost Killer. Brennan has become obsessed with trying to prove that she is out there – and Brennan was convinced that this mysterious killer was responsible for Trent’s death in “The Ghost in the Killer” – but the team is still putting the pieces together, and everyone is on the case. Cam assigned it to Clark for an objective eye, and Finn even sat down to take a look at what they have.

In a conference call earlier this season, executive producer Stephen Nathan explained that “the Ghost Killer is just the tip of an iceberg,” and, since then, he has revealed to TVLine that “one aspect” of the Ghost Killer will be “resolved in Episode 9.20,” as they will “tie up the murdering part, but leave open a far more complicated and nefarious story that will embroil everybody.” Where will this killer rank on the list when it’s all said and done? Only time will tell, but it would be hard to beat out Pelant for the top spot.

Which “Bones” serial killer do you consider the worst?

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