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Exclusive Data Shows 70% of Americans in Comcast Area After Deal

Millions of Americans are about to experience a change in their cable service. With the impending $45 billion purchase of Time Warner by Comcast the team dug into our TV provider data to show you exactly how this monumental change will affect the regional TV provider landscape. We analyzed each provider’s footprint in relation to the most recent U.S. Census data, and our analysis showed some interesting facts worth sharing:
  • If approved, Comcast would be available to about 214 million Americans: 70% of the U.S. population. (Currently Comcast is available to over 129 million Americans – about 42%.)
  • For about 19 million Americans — just under 9% of the populace — Comcast would be the only major terrestrial TV provider.
  • AT&T U-Verse and Verizon FiOS would be Comcast’s largest competitors, competing in over 41% and 21% of service areas respectively.

Comcast Territory Gains

  Below we show the proportion of each state’s population in Comcast and Time Warner coverage areas. The third map shows what Comcast’s territory would look like if the purchase is finalized. Mouse over each state for more info.

Time Warner’s Current Coverage

The Time Warner service area covers approximately 31% of the US population.

Comcast’s Current Coverage

The Comcast service area currently covers approximately 42% of the US population.

Comcast’s New Estimated Coverage

After the buyout, the Comcast service area will cover 70% of the US population. comcast-new-customers-top-10 As a result of the deal, Comcast would gain a major foothold in key areas: almost 19 million more potential customers in California, 14 million in New York, and 12 million in Texas. Comcast currently has no presence in Hawaii, but under the deal it would suddenly offer coverage to 98% of Hawaiians. The company would also gain a huge foothold in Ohio and North Carolina by covering 94% and 87% more of the population respectively.

Paid TV Market Share

  After the buyout, the new Comcast company would be the only major land-based provider for over 19 million Americans. Even without accounting for satellite (which most Americans can get), over 90% of Americans will still have other wired choices for their TV service. Paid TV Market Share In order to appease regulators, Comcast would reportedly divest 3 million and temporarily lock their share of the pay TV market below 30% — about 14% of the people in its theoretical service area. Providers like AT&T and Verizon that currently compete with Time Warner and Comcast separately would find themselves competing with a unified mega-company. Such a large buyout is bound to have an enormous impact on competition. Regulators, competitors, and customers anxiously wait to see how they will be affected when the deal rolls out in their areas. Find Carson on Google+

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