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Cox Communications vs. AT&T U-verse

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We recently updated Cox and AT&T TV prices and plans on our standalone reviews, but we haven’t renovated this page quite yet.

At a Glance

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Type of Service


Type of Service


Channel Count

140+ channels*

Channel Count

550+ channels/200 HD.


Starts at $64.99 per month


$35.00–$110.00 per month

Equipment Fees

Contour HD Receiver included; DVR up to $19.99 per month

Equipment Fees

DVR included in package price

Installation Fee

$20.00 self-installation; $75.00 professional installation fee

Installation Fee

$35.00 activation fee


1 year


1 year

Customer Satisfaction


Customer Satisfaction


*250+ channels available when you purchase additional TV Paks or bundle with internet.
Data effective 2/27/2018. Pricing and speeds are subject to change. Not all offers available in all areas.

The Verdict

Get Cox for a well-rounded TV provider that also offers good internet speeds.

Cox gets the job done without any special bells or whistles. It has a good DVR, but it’s a pricey add-on. It has affordable installation, but you’ll need to do it yourself. You can get over 250 channels, but you’ll need to sign up with a Gold-tier bundle or buy genre-themed add-on packs, called TV Paks, to get them all. It’s good, but not great.

For more details on Cox, read the full article—Cox still has benefits that may make it the right choice for you even though it doesn’t hold its own against AT&T U-verse overall.

Get AT&T U-verse for high customer satisfaction, large channel selection, and an included DVR.

In our 2018 TV Provider Customer Satisfaction Survey, AT&T U-verse ranked number one in every category. It has a lot going for it, from small packages at an affordable price to massive packages with the most channels on the market. You’ll also get a DVR included in your pricing. The equipment isn’t particularly special, but at least you don’t have to pay anything more for it.

If you haven’t had AT&T U-verse before, we highly recommend it as your new TV provider. What we’ve heard about it is too good not to give it a try.

Comparing Cox and AT&T will be more worthwhile if both cover the area where you live. Enter your zip code below to make sure they’re options for you.

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Customer Satisfaction Ratings

All the specs in the world will do you only so much good if you don’t know how other customers feel about the service. Our 2018 TV Provider Customer Satisfaction Survey fills that gap. You can see how people rated Cox Contour and AT&T U-verse in each of the sections below.

Cox TV and Internet Provider |

Overall Customer Rating

(3.87 /5)


  • Good DVR
  • Affordable self-installation
  • Themed channel add-ons with TV Paks


  • Expensive DVR
  • Unclear advertised pricing

Overall Customer Satisfaction Rating

(4.11 /5)


  • DVR included
  • Advanced mobile app
  • Highest channel count on the market


  • Lots of music channels that bloat channel count
  • Limited availability

Installation & Setup


(4.06 /5)

Cox Contour scored fifth for installation and setup in our survey this year. With an affordable self-installation fee, it starts customers off on the right financial foot. Even the $75.00 professional fee isn’t too bad compared to most competitors, but it’s certainly not as low as the $35.00 activation fee from AT&T U-verse.

AT&T U-verse

(4.26 /5)

AT&T U-verse scored first for installation and setup in this year’s survey. In lieu of an installation fee, AT&T charges a $35.00 activation fee.

If you want to avoid the activation fee when you’re signing up, try asking your customer service representative if they can waive it. You might be pleasantly surprised that AT&T usually wants your business more than it wants that $35.00.

Cox Installation: $20.00 self-installation; $75.00 professional installation fee

AT&T U-verse Installation: $35.00 activation fee


Cox Contour

(3.95 /5)

Cox Contour’s stand-alone TV package doesn’t come with many channels—just over 140. But it also offers bundles and add-ons that can adjust your channel count.

If you want some more channels, you can add on themed channel packs, which Cox calls “TV Paks,” for $10.00 or $12.00 per month each. TV Paks include the Variety Pak, Movie Pak, Sports and Information Pak, Sports Pak 2, and Latino Pak.

Should you want to bundle, you can get Cox’s full channel lineup of 250+ channels with a Gold bundle.

AT&T U-verse

(4.22 /5)

AT&T tops our survey for channel selection satisfaction, which makes sense—it offers the most channels on the market.

While there are over 550 channels available, many of those are music channels, which are like radio stations for your TV.

But AT&T U-verse offers all the HD channels available on the market, so although the channel count is a little padded, it still has high value.

Cox Channels: 140+ channels, up to 250+ with additional purchases

AT&T U-verse Channels: 550+ channels


Cox Contour

(4.04 /5)

Cox Contour ranked right in the middle for signal reliability. Because it’s a cable provider, the signal may run into trouble if the coaxial cables are damaged, which is rare, but the signal usually won’t suffer because of bad weather.

AT&T U-verse

(4.18 /5)

It’s been a good year for AT&T U-verse—it ranked highest in signal reliability too. With its fiber cables, it has similar resilience to Cox’s coaxial cables but may load channels even faster thanks to its advanced technology.

Cox Type of Service: Cable

AT&T U-verse Type of Service: Fiber

Monthly Bill

Cox Contour

(3.45 /5)

Cox Contour can be quite pricy should you choose to go with a TV stand-alone option. If you want all the extra TV Paks, they add up quickly but still aren’t much more than AT&T U-verse’s largest stand-alone plan.

You’ll get the most value with a Gold bundle, since the other bundles still don’t include more channels without TV Paks.

Adding a DVR makes it even more pricey, since the Record 6 is $19.99 per month. AT&T U-verse, on the other hand, includes its DVR in its pricing.

AT&T U-verse

(3.83 /5)

AT&T also ranks highest in monthly bill satisfaction. With packages starting as low as $35.00 per month, its stand-alone packages cost less than Cox’s plans with its TV Paks.

Another perk is that AT&T includes its DVR in its monthly pricing, so you won’t have to worry about affording extra equipment.

Cox Price: $64.99 per month
Contract: 1 year

AT&T U-verse Price: $35.00–$110.00 per month
Contract: 1 year

Tech Support & Customer Service

Cox Contour

(3.86 /5)

Cox’s support webpage is easily searchable and well designed. It also offers support through Facebook, Twitter, forums, online chat, and phone.

AT&T U-verse

(4.06 /5)

AT&T’s support page offers quick solutions online. You can reach out for additional support through Facebook, Twitter, phone, forums, and online chat.


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Cox Countour

Contour Record 6

AT&T U-verse

Total Home DVR

Monthly Cost


Monthly Cost

Included in package

Simultaneous Recordings

Up to 6

Simultaneous Recordings

Up to 4


Up to 2 TB


Up to 1 TB

Recording Capacity

Up to 250 HD hours

Recording Capacity

Up to 165 HD hours

Notable Features

• Fast-forward live TV

• Manage recordings from mobile app

• Find TV show and movie recommendations

Notable Features

• Fast-forward live TV

• Pay no extra equipment fees

• Continue watching from any room in the house

The Contour Record 6 and the U-verse Total Home DVR are both basic DVRs. While the Record 6 has more storage and simultaneous recordings, the U-verse Total Home DVR service fee is already included in the pricing for U-verse plans.

If you’re a real DVR junkie, you can pass on the Contour Record 6 and get the superior TiVo BOLT VOX instead. Cox offers a CableCARD for $2.99 per month to hook up third-party DVRs.

AT&T U-verse doesn’t offer a CableCARD, so don’t plan on advanced TiVo features if you go with U-verse.

Mobile Viewing Apps

Cox Contour

Cox Contour App

Google Play Rating: (2.9 /5)

Apple Store Rating (2.7 /5)

Compatible Devices: iOS and Android
Manage DVR: Yes
Remote Control Function: No

AT&T U-verse TV

AT&T U-verse Viewing App

Google Play Rating: (3.6 /5)

Apple Store Rating (4.7 /5)

Compatible Devices: iOS and Android
Manage DVR: Yes
Remote Control Function: Yes

Internet Service

Cox Cable Internet

Cox LogoType: Cable
Price: $19.99–$119.99 per month
Download Speeds: 10–300 Mbps (1 Gig in some areas)
Equipment: $9.99 per month
Installation Fee: Starts at $75.00
Data Cap: 1 TB
Customer Satisfaction: 3.76/5

AT&T Fiber and AT&T Internet

ATT-logoType: Fiber, DSL hybrid
Price: $40.00–$80.00 per month
Download Speeds: 100–1000 Mbps (Fiber), 5–75 Mbps (DSL hybrid)
Equipment: Included in package price
Installation Fee: $99.00
Data Cap: 1 TB
Customer Satisfaction: 3.92/5

Data effective 3/1/2018. Pricing and speeds are subject to change. Not all offers available in all areas.

Looking to save on your TV service? Bundling TV service with internet from the same provider will save you money on both, and it often comes with great perks.

Cox offers its highest channel count without add-on TV Paks through Gold bundles.

On the other hand, bundling TV and internet with AT&T removes internet data caps. Access to unlimited data can be helpful if you stream a lot of your favorite shows.

More About the Providers

Cox Contour

Based in Atlanta, Georgia, Cox Contour is the third-largest TV provider in the United States. It delivers cable TV, internet, phone, and home security service to over 6.2 million customers in twenty-one states.

AT&T U-verse

AT&T is a multi-national telecommunications giant based in Texas. It serves over 365 million customers in North America alone. In addition to TV, internet, and home security services, AT&T is the largest provider of phone service and the second-largest provider of mobile phone service in the United States.

Your Choice

AT&T U-verse ranked highest in our customer satisfaction survey this year, but Cox isn’t a bad option overall. Of course, comparing the two is most helpful if both are available in your area. Enter your zip code below to find all the providers available to you.

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