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Deena Cortese on “Jersey Shore” Regrets & Life After “Couples Therapy”

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Nearly two years after the final episode of the reality series “Jersey Shore,” Deena Cortese is back on television. But this time, she isn’t hitting the clubs with her fellow meatball – she’s seeking relationship counseling with her boyfriend, Chris Buckner. Last week, Cortese spoke to CableTV via email about her time on the VH1 reality series, “Couples Therapy.” On the series, she and Buckner, along with several other couples, worked with Dr. Jenn Berman to better their relationship. How did the opportunity to appear on “Couples Therapy” come about? They had come to us about the show and Chris and I figured there is always room for improvement and some stuff we could work on as a couple. Why did you want to do the show? I wanted to do the show because I really thought it was a great opportunity to work on my anxiety, OCD and the effect that both have had on our relationship. Did you, or your boyfriend, Chris, have any hesitations about joining the series? No we didn’t-we were really excited about it. Prior to the show, what relationship issues were you dealing with? We had compromising issues but we realized that we had to work on ourselves individually to make us stronger as a couple. How long had you and Chris been dating before you signed onto the show? 2 1/2 years Were there any previous celebrity couples on the show you related to? Not that I saw really. I think every couple is different and no two relationships are alike. That’s what makes each situation unique! What did you enjoy the most about your time on the set of “Couples Therapy”? Hanging out with the other couples and getting to know them. We really made friends with the others and now we’re family – when you share those experiences, it’s something that has a big impact on you. What was the biggest struggle during filming? Opening up about my anxiety and OCD and seeing Chris struggle with his own personal issues. Which couple did you get along with the most? The least? We really got along with everyone. But I would say we are closest with Evel [Dick Donato] and Steph [Fisher] and Treach [Criss] and Cicely [Evans]. What did you learn about your relationship on the show? Working on yourself and feeling content with who you are can really help make a great relationship. You have to love yourself first. What’s next for you and Chris? We are looking for places to move in together and excited to start the next chapter in our lives together. What is your fondest memory of “Jersey Shore”? Having “meatball” days with Nicole! Always was a good time. Is there anything you regret about your time in Seaside Heights, N.J.? Probably accidentally showing my private area the first night. And also the entire Italy trip, haha, I was a mess! Which of your co-stars are you still in touch with? I’m still in touch with the girls and I try and keep in touch with Pauly as much as possible. We are busy, but we are family. We’ve seen you make guest appearances on “Snooki & JWoww.” Will we see you on season four? Yeah I may make an appearance—stay tuned!! “Couples Therapy” airs Wednesday nights on VH1.
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