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Disney+ Ad-Supported Plans Will Have Four Minutes of Ads Per Hour

But is this a good deal for Disney+ and its users?

Disney+ has announced that its upcoming cheaper, ad-supported plan will have only four minutes of ads per hour. Is it a good deal for users or just smart business for Disney+?

Well, Disney+ can now boast that it has one of the lightest ad loads among streaming services that offer cheaper, ad-supported subscriptions. That’s great—for Disney+.

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And users also benefit. Ad-supported plans are more affordable because advertisers essentially subsidize part of the monthly subscription cost. But the user, who can’t skip the ads, still pays a price: their time.

Ad breaks extend the run time of everything we watch. So, if you view four hours of Disney+ content each week, you’re paying 64 minutes of your time each month. If you make $15 an hour, that’s the equivalent of paying $16 in order to shave a few dollars off of your Disney+ bill each month.

Pro tip: Completely free streaming services like Freevee or PLEX have the longest ad breaks, with up to 10 minutes of commercials per hour of content.

So, although Disney+ offers one of the best deals around in terms of ads, it’s actually not such a bargain for users. Then again, it’s still better than ad-supported plans from most other subscription streaming service. And who (besides lucky schmucks like us) gets paid to watch TV?

I guess we’ll take it.

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