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Does a “Sons of Anarchy” Teaser Video Hold Clues to Other Character Deaths?

gemma-tara Everyone was expecting Tara to die Tuesday night on “Sons of Anarchy,” but instead, the writers killed off the fallen patriarch of the club, Clay. But with Tara still on thin ice and considering a deal for immunity for her upcoming trial, could we lose her or any other major characters before the season ends? And does a pre-season teaser trailer hold the answers to more major character deaths before we’re done? Because if it does, not only Tara is in line, but Gemma herself. The video teaser shows the club members riding by a building with the faces of Gemma, Tara and Clay painted on it. As the bikers ride by, sections of the building explode in slow motion, one at a time. First, Gemma explodes, then Clay, then Tara. Was this a foreshadowing of which main characters die this season on “Sons of Anarchy?” One could argue that they simply painted faces on the building of people who don’t ride with the club, as Clay has been kicked out. So that could be the case, but it seems they would choose something more symbolically relevant for a video preview. Could it simply be a metaphor for how their lives have been destroyed by the club? That theory doesn’t really work, either, as Gemma seems to be doing just fine… at least for the moment. Sure, she nearly lost her son and grandsons with Tara’s scheming over the last few episodes, but she has more than turned that around, proving she just might be the most survival savvy character on the show. It’s also hard to believe they’d kill off her and Clay in the same season, unless they really want to shake things up with the cast and the story lines as “Sons of Anarchy” sinks deep into its sixth season. And more importantly, if Gemma dies, who could replace the best villain the series ever had? Every time you think she’s turning over a new leaf to be a kinder, gentler MC queen, she reminds us just how vicious she can get: Most recently, when she told Tara her boys would either be told that “mommy went away” or “mommy passed away.” Killing off Gemma would be a huge surprise as she’s the grand matriarch, not to mention actress Katey Sagal is married to the creator and writer of the series. But could she be ready to retire her iconic character to focus on her music, which has been featured in the series? She just released a new album of cover songs, so is she ready to spend more time as a real-life music mama rather than a tough motorcycle mama on TV? Do you think Gemma dies before the season ends? And if she does, will you still watch the show? Find Diana on Google+.

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