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The 2013 NBA Draft has One Future MVP Winner, and His Name is C.J. McCollum

NBA teams in the draft are always hoping to get that one guy who can take them to the next level, that guy who will bring the MVP trophy to their city. While it almost always seems like whoever has the #1 pick is sure to get the best player in the draft, that’s definitely not the case. Only 10 of the #1 picks in the entire history of the NBA draft have gone on to win the MVP award during their careers. 2-time MVP winner Steve Nash wasn’t even picked until 15th, and Karl Malone went 13th.

Taking all the past MVP winners and breaking down their stats by position shows a general guide to what a player needs to have MVP potential. When you take this year’s draft prospects and compare them there are a few who stand out.

Take a look at our latest infographic to see which players in this year’s draft have the best shot at taking home the MVP trophy at some point in their career.

How to Draft an NBA MVP

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