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Emily Deschanel Says Season Finale of “Bones” is Going To Change Everything

Bones Season Finale

With one episode left in season nine of “Bones,” Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz participated in a conference call to discuss the finale and what fans could expect. During the call, Deschanel and Boreanaz both agreed that the only reason the show has lasted so long (it was recently renewed for a tenth season) is because of their chemistry and commitment to the work.

“Seriously from day one, honestly, [I was] blessed to have a costar that can be open and honest and just tell me, like, “You’re bothering me today” or, “I have an issue.” We have complete trust and respect for each other that we can just go aside and say, “You know what? I’m having a bad day. Just know where I’m coming from, Emily,” and we both support that in each other,” Boreanaz said. ” If anything, it helps our chemistry and it helps us grow with the characters rather than being so stagnant and say, “Hey, we’re in season nine, so let’s just kick back” and do nothing about it and take it for granted. You can’t. You have to be able to push every moment and every scene. It’s so important.”

Deschanel agreed saying that since the beginning the two of them truly committed themselves to the show and none of that has change or will change going into season 10.

“We have open communication, which is something we started from the beginning, like he said. We just tell each other if we’re in a mood or the other one’s annoying either of us or something. And you know, we just, we accept that we’re not, you know, we’re not perfect, you know but I think one thing, too, is that we both know how important this relationship is both onscreen and off and how important it is for us to get along together both onscreen and off and how we both have a commitment to the show. Like David said, it’s not like you’re like, “Oh, it’s season nine” and we’re resting on our laurels. We’re working hard.”

Boreanaz revealed he directed the last episode, saying it was a challenge for him to take on something as big as the finale.

“You get to the end of the season that then everybody’s you know, a little tired and worn out and, you know the patience is thin and with this specific season finale being that there was so much information we kind of had to gather up and put out there in on 45-minute hit, it made it, you know difficult and challenging.”

“There were lots of elements that were involved, whether it was, you know, dealing with the big, huge hearing in front of Congress or the intense battle between other forces that could come in and jeopardize Bones and Booths’ relationship as well as the outcome of where they’re heading into as far as season ten is concerned.”

Deschanel said David is a one of a kind director.

“I love being directed by David, and I’m not just saying that. I say it to everybody who’s not on our set. I think David is just really talented as a director as well as an actor. He has a whole other career, if he wants it, when this thing’s over, if he wants to do that he could make a whole career out of it.”

Although the two couldn’t go into too much detail about the finale they did confirm that fans are going to be shocked during the entire episode, especially the last few minutes.

“Yes, there’s a huge thing that happens at the end of this episode that, you know, we’re not going to tell you about right now, but it changes everything. For a while, with not only Booth and Brennan, between them, but also between kind of everything, Booth’s job, possibly Brennan’s job – I mean, everything,” Deschanel said. “So I can’t tell you exactly how it changes things, but it will change the dynamic and, you know, kind of everything about them and their work and relationships.”

Boreanaz elaborated, adding, “I think it’s interesting to see the end of this run, especially season nine in this specific finale, that there is a lot of destructive forces that could kind of come upon us and we find out that there’s more to it than what meets the eye and they’ve been kind of working kind of underground for a while, whether that’s through conspiracy theories or just, you know, stuff that they’ve been hiding in the FBI or through the Jeffersonian, but it all kind of comes to a head and it’s pretty detrimental at the end. You know, things will change for the good and there will be, also, things that they’ll have to adjust to. I keep saying adjusting because it’s definitely going to be different.”

Catch “Bones” Mondays on FOX at 8:00 p.m. EST.

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