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9 Best ESPN Plus Shows for Father’s Day

Let Dad take it easy this Father’s Day with ESPN+.

If your dad’s the type of dad who enjoys cracking open cold ones and watching the big games, he might find a lot to like on ESPN+. The ESPN streaming offshoot has a library of programming including live UFC fights, sports documentaries, and original shows. Here are our picks for the best Father’s Day content on ESPN+.

How can I watch ESPN+?

You can subscribe to ESPN+ with a standalone subscription or get it as part of the Disney bundle. Check out our ESPN+ review to learn more about the streaming service.


For the dad who loves sports docs: 30 for 30

ESPN’s 30 for 30 back catalog is one of ESPN+’s best features, as the acclaimed sports documentary series has covered monumental and intimate moments throughout sports history. These are some of our 30 for 30 picks:

  • June 17, 1994: A recollection of sports and news events that occurred the same day as O.J. Simpson police chase.
  • The Marinovich Project: A look back at the career of NFL quarterback Todd Marinovich.
  • Celtics/Lakers: Best of Enemies: Breaking down the rivalry between the Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers during the 1980s.

For the dad who asks why they’re running the dang ball up the middle so much: Peyton’s Places

On Peyton’s Places, former quarterback Peyton Manning revisits notable moments in NFL history with guests like David Letterman and Marshawn Lynch. It also may be one of the most Peak Dad shows in the ESPN+ library, thanks to Peyton’s affably gawky Dad-ness and bits like ending every episode with a selfie.

The show also has spinoffs in the Peyton’s Places universe, where athletes like Vince Carter, Abby Wambach, and Eli Manning talk about sports like college football and basketball.

  • Peyton’s Places episode 2: Manning and former Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Cris Carter try to successfully throw and catch a football off a skyscraper.
  • Eli’s Places episode 1: Eli Manning and Jon Stewart dress up like pirates and discuss Rutgers University’s history as the birthplace of college football.
  • Vince’s Places episode 8: Vince Carter talks to former players like Patrick Ewing and Dirk Nowitzki to trace the evolution of the center in the NBA.

For the dad who swears by their team: ESPN+’s docuseries

Do you ever wonder what goes on between the games? ESPN+ has multiple in-depth shows that focus on a specific team or athlete:

  • Quest for the Stanley Cup: A behind-the-scenes look at the NHL teams contending for the Stanley Cup this year.
  • Man in the Arena: Tom Brady: Did you know that Tom Brady was a sixth-round draft? Tom Brady does. (At least he’s doing better than draft classmate/goat farmer Giovanni Carmazzi.)
  • Claressa Shields: A documentary series focusing on boxer and mixed martial artist Carlessa Shields.

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