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EXCLUSIVE: Blair Redford on his “Satisfaction” Character and the Modern-Day Issues the Show Addresses

Satisfaction - Season 1 Blair Redford spoke exclusively with CableTV via email about his role on USA’s “Satisfaction.” “Satisfaction” follows a married couple who embark on a series of unconventional choices after their marriage failed to satisfy, and Redford plays the role of one of those choices. Simon (Redford) is a male escort who Grace (Stephanie Szostak) hires after they meet at a bar. Grace is looking to carry out an extramarital affair in hopes of finding what makes her happy. The series follows Simon and Grace as their paid for affair and a friendship develops. “I was hooked from page one actually,” Redford said. “It opened with an inner monologue from our lead character, Neil, that expressed original perspective comparing ancient worldly philosophies to current realities. Then, when I got to Simon’s (my character) part, I knew I wanted in on the project.” Redford, who is known for his previous roles on “Passions,” “90210” and “The Lying Game,” says he dedicated himself to putting a unique spin on the idea of a male escort. “As actors, we are always looking to portray interesting and unique people,” Redford said. “I’d say ‘male escort’ is definitely categorized as such. But I think there were a lot of pit falls one could step into with the character making it very one dimensional. You hear ‘escort’ or think about all the infidelity he is a part of and quick assumptions can be made that he’s a soulless individual or ‘the bad guy.’ I was excited to play against that – show his humanity and hope that the audience could see the world through his eyes where he’s actually helping people.” While it is certainly hard to think that a male escort, who is sleeping with wives, could possibly be helping people, you see it as Simon helps Grace get out of her funk. After Grace hires Simon, she begins to explore more of herself and quickly realizes how much she values her career. After she and Neil had a daughter, Grace gave up her design career and now she wonders what else she could do with her time. Before filming began, Redford did some research in regard to his character and how he should play him. “[I] did a good bit of reading,” Redford said. “[I] looked at different opinions and perspectives on monogamy and modern relationships. I had to rewire assumptions and ideas in my head to think like Simon and justify his actions. A lot of imagination went into the role though – not a whole lot of high end secret escorts tailored for a wealthy clientele looking to be interviewed.” Although most escorts presumably keep their relationships with clients professional, Simon goes the extra mile with Grace, bringing out her best qualities and encouraging overall growth. “Where our story begins Grace is very bored. Her life is completely routine,” Redford said. “Initially, Simon offers her excitement. Something very simple but often missing in long-term relationships. He sees the intricacies of Grace that make her special and reminds her of those things. She needs that I think. It’s not just about sex when it comes to his clients.” It’s obvious Redford enjoys his new role and he can see something special about “Satisfaction.” “It’s unlikely that there’s a person out there who hasn’t questioned a relationship or a marriage they’re in at one point, questioned if they’re satisfied,” Redford said. “Is their partner satisfied? Wondered why all the promised happiness from excess materialism of this modern-day era isn’t doing the trick. Our show addresses these ideas in an original and entertaining style that hasn’t been done before. I hope that [the] audience can sit back and watch the positives and negatives that follow our characters decisions and perhaps that will refine their own ideas on these universal questions.” “Satisfaction” airs Thursday’s on the USA Network at 10 p.m. EST.
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