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EXCLUSIVE “Chrisley Knows Best” cast Talks About what They’ve Learned from Season one

Chrisley Knows Best Following a successful first season, USA Network renewed “Chrisley Knows Best” for a 12-episode second season. The renewal marks the first season two pickup on a reality series for USA, which canceled its two other realities shows, “The Moment” (a show that debuted with 1.12 million viewers but continuously dropped thereafter) and “Summer Camp,” after their debut season. “Chrisley Knows Best,” averaged 1.15 million viewers per episode (eight total) and ended the season with their most watched episode, at nearly 1.5 million viewers. Although the reviews for the show have been mostly good, with People Magazine’s Tom Gliatto calling the series “the best “family” reality series since Honey Boo Boo or even The Osbournes from several centuries ago,” there has also been some criticism. But Todd Chrisley chooses to focuses on the positive things and advises his children to do the same. While walking the red carpet with his family, including wife Julie, daughter Savannah and son Chase, during NBC’s Upfront presentation in New York City, Todd spoke with CableTV about the ups and downs of living life in the public eye. “We don’t avoid it,” Todd said. “Social media, for the most part, has been 95 percent very positive, but then you have that 5 percent and I’ve tried to teach my children that, ‘You know what, don’t focus on the 5 percent, focus on the 95 percent, and imagine when you say something so bad about someone how bad that person who said it must be hurting, so ignore that.’ We ignore bad behavior.” As for their own behavior, Todd didn’t have to much too improve on when it came to the start of filming on season two. When asked what he would do differently this time around, he simply said, “Don’t text and drive … and don’t curse as much.” After the show’s renewal, Heather Olander, the Senior VP of Alternative Programming for USA Network, gushed to The Hollywood Reporter about Todd’s on-screen charisma. “We knew from the moment we met Todd there was no other character quite like him and whether or not you agree with his parenting style, he has certainly struck a chord with our viewers as their new guilty pleasure,” Olander said. “We’re excited to continue the laughs and be there for more genuine family moments with Todd and his family in season two.”
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