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EXCLUSIVE E! News Stars Catt Sadler, Jason Kennedy And Terrence Jenkins Talk Chemistry and “A-List Listings”

Catt Sadler, Jason Kennedy and Terrence Jenkins were a part of the NBC Upfronts and during their time on the red carpet, the E! News trio spoke to CableTV about their chemistry and Sadler’s solo project, “A-List Listings.”

“We decided early on that we all should sleep in the same bed, and so now we have been practicing that for quite some time,” Jenkins said to CableTV of the chemistry between him and his E! News co-stars. “Baby Duke is a screamer so sometimes we got to kick him off. Jason is a kicker. Catt is nice, she’s a good cuddler. We sleep together at night, work together during the day and make sure the show is what the people want.”

“We put pillows in between us so it doesn’t get awkward,” Kennedy added, before Jenkins interjected.

“That’s not a pillow, Jason,” he mused.

Then, Kennedy got serious.

“I think it’s just that no one wants to have an ego when you come on set, so it is a family atmosphere,” he explained. “If someone is having a bad day we try to cheer the other person up, joke around with them, that type of stuff. Everyone is bringing good, positive vibes to the set every day and we really do get along.”

“You have to give some credit to the E! executives who brought us all together, knowing that our chemistry would be what it is because it does fit and you can’t make that stuff up,” Sadler noted. “We genuinely like each other. We are a bit of a dysfunctional family in the best of ways, because just like Beyonce, Solange, and Jay-Z, everything can take interesting turns and its all love.”

“We just don’t get in the elevator together,” Kennedy said.

Flipping through channels a few weeks ago, viewers may have caught an airing of Sadler’s new real estate-based special; and if they enjoyed it, they are in luck because, according to Sadler, there will be more episodes airing in the near future.

“We have two [episodes] right now, there will be more in the future,” Sadler said. “Air dates unknown. Check your listings. It’s called A-List Listings and it’s only going to get better and better — literally helicopter to and from work.”

Kennedy was quick to offer his support to her on her new project, pointing out that the show did very well when it aired on E! earlier this month.

“I think people really enjoyed it and, because of that, there will be more,” Sadler added.

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