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Exclusive: Interview with Luna Blaise of “Fresh Off the Boat”

We interviewed Luna Blaise (of “Fresh Off the Boat”) to learn what we can expect from season two. Luna shares with us the time she met Drew Barrymore getting ice cream, who makes her laugh most on “Fresh Off the Boat,” a bit about her role in James Franco’s film “Memoria,” and so much more. Click play to listen to the interview, or read the transcript below. CTV: First off, congrats on season two [of “Fresh Off the Boat”]. Super exciting. Luna: Thank you. CTV: You’re acting on a show that takes place in the 1990s, and that’s before you were born right? Luna: Yes. CTV: So what’s that like? Luna: It’s really fun. I really like it because I was born in 2001, so it’s not that much ahead of when I was born, so it’s really cool to see how much of the change was from the show, what that time is to when 2001 is. It’s really cool seeing how quick it changed, so I really like it. CTV: Totally. Was there any kind of fashion trends or music that, through this show, you’re into now? Luna: Yeah. Oh my gosh, yeah. The fashion in the show–it’s crazy, it’s totally different from fashion that I wear now. And definitely the music. On the show, the music is insane–the hip-hop music–it’s really cool. CTV: Awesome. So what is your favorite thing so far about working on the show right now? It seems like the whole cast meshes really well. Luna: Definitely seeing my cast all the time. I love my cast; it’s such a fun group of people to be around all the time and the age differences are really not–we’re not all the same age, so it’s really fun all seeing each other and talking. Having a really awesome cast is really fun. CTV: Cool. I know that certainly you’re not like Nicole and she might not be like you a whole ton, but if you could think of a way that maybe you’re like her or she’s like you–have you thought about that before? Luna: I definitely have thought about that before. Nicole is very confident. She’s very confident in herself, and I’m very confident in myself, but she has a little bit more of a spark than I do, I don’t know. She’s very rebellious, and I don’t know if I’m so rebellious yet–but she’s very outgoing and I’m very outgoing. Those types of things, but I also love being the opposite of my character so I can like bring it to life, you know? CTV: Right, of course. What about if you could describe her in three words–how would you describe her? Luna: Three words to describe Nicole… Rebellious, definitely she’s very rebellious. Confident, and I don’t know. Rebellious, confident, and outgoing I would say she’s very–yeah rebellious, confident, and outgoing. For her rebellious side you’ve probably already seen the show, you know, you’ll see it. For the confidence, you’ve definitely seen it in season one. And for the outgoing, she’s really nice, she can be nice sometimes– CTV: Totally, the first episode of season two, when she was talking about Eddie as her friend, right? Sticking up for him.


Luna: Yeah, for sure. You see that and you see a little bit of a change. CTV: Love it. From what I understand, you’ve done some theater in the past. Luna: Yeah, a little bit. CTV: And you’ve done some work with drama, comedy… Do you have a preference? Luna: Drama or comedy. I’m on a comedy show so I love comedy and I love making people laugh. It’s really fun doing that. But I also love the change of drama. I love getting serious on a television show or a movie. I love dramas. It’s really, really awesome. It’s a challenge for both. It’s a challenge changing from what you’re doing all the time, like comedy, to change to a drama but I love it. CTV: Yeah, that seems like it would be tough to go back and forth. Luna: Yeah, but it’s really fun. CTV: Yeah, I’m sure you learned a ton from it. Speaking of that, though, in addition to “Fresh Off the Boat,” you’re in an upcoming film [“Memoria”] with James Franco, right? Luna: Yes. CTV: Which is so rad. I saw [“Memoria”] on the lineup for Austin Film Festival this fall. Can you tell us a little bit about the movie and just what it was like to work with him? Luna: Yeah. It was amazing working with him. It was so much fun. It was such an amazing experience. I was 11 at the time, and I was supposed to be playing what my age is now, a 14-year-old. All my fellow cast members were a lot older than me. It was definitely a challenge getting to the place where I needed to get to, but it was such an amazing experience and I learned so much from it. I’m always going to remember the time filming. It was so much fun. CTV: I know that this was a few years ago, but how did you prepare for that, especially when you were 11? Luna: I don’t know, I have a really good acting coach, and she definitely got me to the place where I needed to get to. My mom and dad, they really supported me in the whole thing, because it’s a really intense role that I had to do, for an 11-year-old. But for now, if it was me doing it I think I could’ve done it a little bit more by myself when I could’ve taken the ground more. But since I was 11 I didn’t know what any of the stuff meant; I didn’t know anything, so definitely my mom and dad, for sure, helped me on that. But it was a really fun thing to do, I loved it. CTV: I know you’re a big Steven Spielberg fan and Drew Barrymore, who I adore, is there anyone else who you might want to work with, because I’m sure you would love to work with them. Luna: I would love to work with them. That’d be a dream come true. CTV: Or are there other people you admire in the industry? Luna: Yeah. I don’t know. I like so many people. I’d love to work with Tina Fey. CTV: The best. Luna: And Amy Poehler. I’d love to work with both of them. CTV: They’re amazing. Luna: But they’re kind of like a duo so does that count as one? CTV: Totally. Why not? Luna: I love them both so much. They’re so amazing. Luna: Tina Fey and Amy Poehler, I’d definitely love to work with them. Oh, Anne Hathaway. I’d love to work with Anne Hathaway. Oh, my god, Meryl Streep. I’d love to work with her. CTV: That was a definite. So Meryl. She’s wonderful. Luna: Yeah. CTV: This might answer the next question, but people you get starstruck over–I think I heard that you saw Drew Barrymore getting ice cream or something. Luna: I did. Oh, my gosh. I was getting Salt & Straw–that’s an ice cream place–and she was there. I was like, “Oh, my gosh.” I was like, “That is Drew Barrymore.” I was getting my ice cream. Oh, my God. It was amazing. CTV: Did you say anything to her? Luna: I didn’t say anything to her, but she was right there behind me. She was like, “Is this ice cream good?” I was like I didn’t even think it was her… CTV: You couldn’t even talk. Luna: And then I realized afterwards. I was like, “Yeah, it’s really good.” Then I was like, “Wait, hold on.” I was like, “That’s Drew Barrymore.” CTV: That’s an awesome story. So you have thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter,  so I imagine people recognize you more and more. What’s that like? Luna: What’s it like? It was really crazy at first because I didn’t realize that people knew who I was. I was like, “Wait, you know who I am?” I was like, “Okay.” But I’ve sort of gotten used to it by now, people coming up to me and saying, “Can I have a photo? I love you on the show.” But it’s really fun, just the experience of it all, just knowing that this is what you’re doing and this is part of the whole package. I really enjoy it. It’s fun to know that people watch the show and how much they love my character or other characters, and I don’t know, it’s really fun. CTV: And speaking of that and people keeping in touch with you and your character, on Twitter people can follow you at your name, right? Luna: Yeah, @LunaBlaise. CTV: And you do some live tweeting. Luna: I do. CTV: Yes. And it’s #LunaGab, is that correct? Luna: Yes, it is #LunaGab. CTV: Very fun. So people should check that out. I was looking at your Twitter and I saw that you met Jodie Sweetin from “Full House.” Luna: I did meet Jodie Sweetin. CTV: That’s so rad. What was that like? Luna: Yeah. I love “Full House.” Yeah. My mom has met Jodie a few times. So my mom was like, “Let me introduce you to Jodie.” I was like, “Okay.” I met her and I was like, “Oh, my God. This is so awesome.” I’m just a humongous fan of “Full House.” I love it. And I can’t wait for “Fuller House.” That’s going to be so fun. CTV: Oh my gosh, me too. I’m with you. So do you have any favorite shows that you like to binge-watch? Luna: “Grey’s Anatomy.” CTV: The best, the best. Luna: Yes. “Grey’s Anatomy” is my favorite show of all time. I named my fish after George O’Malley–so my fish’s name is George. I’m just a humongous fan of Grey’s Anatomy. My dream is to guest star on Grey’s Anatomy. If I had the chance to go on any show, it would be Grey’s Anatomy. CTV: I want that for you! I would love it. That’s the best. Okay, so I know that both your parents are in the entertainment industry and you’ve been a part of it since you were little, about five years old and it’s even working for a good chunk of your life. When you’re not working – and I know you love it – so it’s maybe not always feels like work to you. But when you’re not acting, what kinds of things do you do for fun? Luna: Since I’m a teenager I love doing the normal things teenagers do, you know binge-watch shows all the time, hang out with friends a lot, go to the beach, I love going to the beach. I don’t know, just hang out with friends mostly. CTV: And you do ballet as well, is that right? Luna: I do, I do. I just came from a ballet class actually. CTV: Oh, awesome. Luna: Yeah, oh wait, I love baseball. I love baseball. CTV: I saw your interview with MLB. That was so cool. Luna: Huge fan of baseball, oh my God, I love it. CTV: Very cool. We watched the season two premiere of “Fresh Off the Boat” and we can’t wait for more obviously, and I’m sure you can’t reveal too much, but is there anything you can share with us of what we can expect? Luna: Yeah, you can definitely expect some changes but they’re really awesome changes. I don’t know, the show it is just becoming into this huge amazing mesh of amazingness. It’s just a really fun thing to do, and it’s hilarious, and just everyone apart of the show, it’s like– everyone a part of the show that’s in front of the camera, behind the camera, the writers, the crew, everybody involved with our show has made it to where it is now so we wouldn’t be anywhere without them. It’s a really amazing thing. But yeah, just expect some really great things coming for season two. CTV: I love that. Okay, last question. If anyone hasn’t watched the show yet, for whatever reason, and they really need to give it a chance, but what would you say to them? What’s one thing you want people to know about the show? Luna: One thing I want people to know about the show… CTV: It brings up some pretty key topics to discuss in a really different way… Luna: Yes. I think everybody can relate to the show. Even if you’re not Asian, you can definitely relate to the show. Because it’s a family. It’s family going through everything a family goes through, like meeting new friends and going through the whole entire family moving thing. I definitely think every type of ethnicity or any type of person can relate to it. It’s basically just a journey to new life going through the show. But yeah, if you watch the show, be ready to be crying laughing. You’re going to be rolling around. It’s so funny. It’s hilarious. CTV: When you watch the show, who do you think is a hilarious character? Luna: It’s really funny because when I get the scripts, I die laughing. I’m laughing with the scripts even if it’s not my line–I’m just laughing. But, Constance, oh my God, she’s hilarious–she’s so funny. It’s crazy the way she brings everything to this. Her and Randall together is hilarious. All the kids on the show are hilarious. Chelsea, my mom–I love working with Chelsea. When me and Chelsea do scenes together, I definitely love that because you’ll definitely see some changes in season two, but it’s like seeing everything just the way me and Chelsea are with each other–

CTV: Hilarious. Those are some of my favorites scenes of you two together. Luna: Yeah. It’s really fun. I love it. CTV: Very cool. Well, Luna, thank you so much. Luna: Yeah, of course. No problem.

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