The Golden Sisters Interview

The Golden Sisters is a real-life comedy following the hilarious adventures of three elderly sisters who shot to fame after filming their reaction to a celebrity sex tape and putting it on YouTube. That reaction video has been seen almost six million times and turned Mary Bartnicki, 82, and 74-year-old twins Josie Cavaluzzi and Terry Dahlquist into Internet sensations.

“Someone was showing me the Kardashian sex tape in my hair salon, Michangelo, in Woodland Hills,” Cavaluzzi says in an exclusive interview with CableTV. “When I was with my sisters, I had asked them, ‘Did you see the Kardashian tape?’ and they said no.”

“Of course not, we would never watch that,” Bartnicki interrupts.

“We watched it and it was our reaction to watching the tape that went viral,” Cavaluzzi says.

Dahlquist, who works as an agent in California, said she met a producer who thought the sisters should start taping more of their conversations. “We started doing some YouTube videos,” Dahlquist says.

Shortly after, Oprah got wind of the women and offered them a one-hour special that aired in December 2012 on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). After the success of that special, the sisters filmed a 10-episode series for the channel.

“I couldn’t believe it,” Bartnicki says. “I am 82 years old. I mean, what a finale. What a great way to go out of this world. I am probably going to be famous and then I am going to rest.”

“The most exciting part of this whole thing was meeting Oprah,” Dahlquist says. “We were surprised. She walked out of the door and said, ‘Oh my God, the Golden Sisters!’ I told her I was such a fan and she said, ‘I’m a fan of yours’ and, I swear, I almost fainted.”

“This is like a dream come true,” Dahlquist adds. “This doesn’t happen at my age, but I am very happy that it did.”

The three sisters are edgy and sharp. They fight one minute and laugh the next. They make fun of each other, support each other, and constantly interrupt each other. They all said they are closer now then they have ever been before.

“We all live around each other,” Bartnicki says. “We call each other up every single day. Sometimes Terry calls me up to six times a day, asking me, ‘What’s new?’ I am like, ‘Shut up already.'”

“I want to make sure she is alive,” Dahlquist says.

“You gotta live near each other,” Cavaluzzi says. “We live one mile away from each other today and we have lived like that ever since we were married. I want to thank Oprah for what she has done for us.”

“We love each other, and love is laughter,” Bartnicki says.

Click below to listen to the full interview with the ladies, and don’t forget to watch The Golden Sisters every week on OWN, Saturday nights at 9 p.m. EST. You can also follow the ladies on Twitter @3goldensisters.

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