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Exclusive: Producer John Irwin on Season 5 of “Couple’s Therapy”

irwinman In an email interview with, the Executive Producer of “Couple’s Therapy,” John Irwin, also President of Irwin Entertainment, is dishing on what fans can expect from the upcoming fifth season. “We really focus on finding couples with various types of intense issues affecting their relationship and of course they need to be open to engaging in the therapeutic process,” he said. “Quite a few solicit themselves to be on the show.” Once cast, the couples move into a treatment center together. Nearly immediately, drama ensues. Think “The Real World,” but with all cast members dating within the group. “This year the one word to describe the cast would be volatile,” Irwin said. ”One minute a couple will be in the corner kissing and the next they will be at each other’s throats. It’s an interesting combination this year because while some are on the verge of breaking up, others are trying to merely define their relationship.” Reportedly featured on the show’s fifth season are Jenna Jameson and John Wood, “Big Brother” star Dick Donato (Evel D) and Stephanie Rogness-Fischer, “Jersey Shore” star Deena Cortese and Chris Bucker, Naughty By Nature’s Treach and Cicely Evans, “The Bachelor” star Juan Pablo Galavis and Nikki Ferrell and one yet-to-be-announced mystery couple. Of this couple, Irwin said people are going to be “shocked!” “This season there seems to be more [bickering] than usual,” Irwin said of the cast. ”Jenna Jameson and Evel D are constantly stirring the pot with the other couples.” Aside from the drama and bickering, there will also be challenges, including a truth test, which Irwin said led to some major issues. “Dr. Jenn brought in a trust expert to evaluate if couples are really telling the truth in their relationships,” Irwin said. ”As soon as the real secrets started getting revealed things started to get crazy.” While the dramatic events that take place both within the relationships and with other couples are fun to watch, Irwin hopes people watching will learn from the show and have better relationships because of it. “I think people definitely tune in for all the drama but also as people struggle more and more with their own relationships at home, it makes the show very relatable and hopefully people are learning a thing or two along the way.” Before the show’s fourth season, word hit the web that then-cast-member Farrah Abraham (of “Teen Mom” fame) tricked producers into casting her by claiming to be involved in a fake relationship. Now, months later, Irwin is still unsure of Abraham’s relationship. “I’m still not sure to this day if we were tricked, but I do know that once she arrived and started going through the process it was all very real for Farrah,” he said. ”It was interesting to witness someone who had issues with an inability to find the right person. I think most people struggle with that issue the most.” Seeing couples go through such an intense few weeks is a fun experience for viewers, but for the cast, it is very real and, often times, it can be both physically and emotionally draining. The “Couple’s Therapy” All-Star Reunion airs September 3 on VH1 and “Couple’s Therapy” Season Five begins on September 10.
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