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EXCLUSIVE: “The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” Stars Dorothy Wang, Morgan Stewart and Roxy Sowlaty Discuss S2

RKoBH “The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” are returning to E! next month for their second season, and ahead of the big premiere, they spoke with CableTV via email about what is to come. In a new interview, Dorothy Wang, Morgan Stewart and Roxy Sowlaty talked to us exclusively about season two, their relationships and their ongoing business endeavors. “I think this season will show a different, deeper side to all of us,” Wang told CableTV. “While the glitz and glam of our lives is still present – it’s definitely not all fun and games anymore. You will see us each go through our own personal struggles, whether it be in our careers, friendships or relationships.” “Season two is a game changer!” Stewart said. “This season is totally different from the first. You really get to know us as individuals and very much go on a journey with us this time around.” During season two, fans will get to see more of each cast members’ personal lives, but their friendships, which began years ago, are a big part as well. As Sowlaty revealed, she and the cast have been “best friends for years.” In fact, she and Brendan Fitzpatrick (Morgan’s boyfriend) have been friends since second grade, and Sowlaty met Morgan (who she hasn’t gone a day without speaking to since they met) and Wang during her freshman year in college. “I’m really looking forward to fans seeing more of what drives us beyond the money and wealth,” Stewart said of season two. “There is definitely no shortage of drama and funny and I can’t wait to watch!” “Personally, I’ve grown up a lot and I’m excited for people to see that side of me,” Wang said. ”I’m very motivated to create a career of my own that I’m very passionate about. You will get to see me start my own business, completely independent of my parents.” On season one, fans watched as Sowlaty’s parents officially cut her off, forcing her to start her own career and begin making her own money to support herself and her elaborate lifestyle. While it wasn’t the ideal situation for Sowlaty at first, she’s now thriving because of it. “It’s actually the best thing they ever did to me,” Sowlaty said. “I feel so much better about myself and making my own money. I recently bought myself a new fabulous car which felt kind of amazing.” On season two, fans will see the cast of “The Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” travel abroad to China, where Wang’s family has embarked on a huge business deal. “I invite everyone to come to China with me!” Wang said. ”My family is opening the largest retail shopping center in the world, and we were having an event there that I thought would be the perfect opportunity to get everyone to go and experience my culture and heritage.” “The trip to China was great!” Sowlaty said. “There [was] some major jet lag and stomach issues but you’ll have to tune in for the rest.” At the end of last season, Morgan and Fitzpatrick were at a standstill with moving in together before their engagement, and unfortunately, they haven’t exactly resolved the issue. “It’s tricky,” Morgan said. “In season two fans will definitely witness what it’s like to see a couple who truly love each other unconditionally, go through some real turmoil.” As for Wang, things on the relationship-front are moving a bit slower. “A lot has changed. Some days I think fortunately and some days unfortunately,” she said. “There has definitely been a lot of tears, heartache, and self-reflection this last month for me while we have been filming. I’m not so excited for my HYSTERICAL CRYING FACE to hit the screens this August.” As Wang and Morgan address with their relationship issues, Sowlaty is “reluctantly dating” for the first time on the show. However, she admits it hasn’t been the best experience – and not something that resulted in a relationship. “Morgan, Jonny, Dorothy and Brendan have all been forcing me to go on dates! First dates are just my biggest fear,” Sowlaty explained. “I feel like I’ll meet the right person when it’s meant to be!” Aside from their boy drama, the ladies of the show are hard at work on their careers, determined to become successful in their own right. Sowlaty is working on her interior design career, while Morgan and Wang are focused on their fashion lines. “I’m currently working on a necklace line that will be available on my website in the fall!” Wang said. “It’s a line of nameplate necklaces with some of the hashtags I’ve become known for using on my social media and the show – such as #fabuluxe, #funemployed, #nofilter, #rich, #selfie and so on! It’s meant to be a fun and stylish piece of jewelry at an affordable price. I get tons of comments like, ‘I love your style! But I could never afford that,’ so I wanted to create something fashionable and fabulous for everyone that doesn’t break the bank.” “Rich Kids of Beverly Hills” season two premieres on August. 3 at 10:00 p.m. on E!
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