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EXCLUSIVE: Trista Sutter on “Marriage Boot Camp” and Improving Her Relationship With Ryan

Trista and Ryan Sutter initially met on the first season of “The Bachelorette” and celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary last December. While they weren’t headed for divorce before signing on to the series, they felt it was a great opportunity to improve on what they already had. In an exclusive interview with CableTV, Sutter opened up about her return to reality TV, her experience filming “Marriage Boot Camp” and the pressure she and Ryan are under as one of the only “Bachelor”/“Bachelorette” couples who have made it down the aisle and stayed together. Q: What initially led you to “Marriage Boot Camp?” A: We were contacted to participate and let’s just say, we didn’t sign up right away. We’ve been perfectly happy living semi-private lives for the past 10 years near Vail, Colorado and although we’ve had the opportunity to put our relationship back on television over the past 10 years, nothing fit. After numerous conversations with the producers, we felt confident that our decision to do the show to strengthen our already happy marriage, would be honored, so we went for it. And I’m so grateful we had the chance to! Q: Did you or Ryan have any reservations in regard to your reality TV return? A: Definitely!!! This isn’t our first rodeo and we now all too well, how reality TV edits footage to draw viewers in. Besides that, we are now parents, compared to when we were on reality TV in the past. Our children are our priority and although we never-say-never, we only consider opportunities that we can be proud of…and that they can be proud of someday. We wanted to show them, along with anyone else who tunes in, that you don’t have to be unhappy to want to be happier. Our relationship is the foundation of our family and it takes work. You have to put the work in to maintain that foundation. Q: What has your experience on the show been like? I would say it was intense, emotionally draining, eye-opening, beneficial, motivating, inspiring, and cherished. We not only grew stronger as a couple, but gained GREAT friendships along the way. Q: Do you get along with your co-stars? A: As I just eluded to…yes!! We love them all and are so thankful they were all there so that we could share the experience together! Q: Are you glad you decided to join the show? A: Without a doubt! Q: There was recently a clip posted online which featured you in the morgue. Can you walk us through how you felt in that moment? A: From the moment they led us into the morgue, I was emotional. I wondered how Ryan would react, I wondered if I would be able to keep it together, and I wondered how it would affect us. After getting made up to fit the part (CRAZY!), I was led down to my metal slab and waited for them to explain to Ryan what the staged scenario was…from inside the morgue. When he saw me, he bent down and whispered very sincere sweet nothings in my ear. He was genuinely affected and I was genuinely affected by his sincerity. It put things in perspective and made us realize that we can’t take each other for granted…ever. Q: Was there any point in filming where you felt that you may have made a mistake in exposing certain things to the world? A: Nope. We signed up for it and I was invested from the get-go. To be doubtful would mean that I wouldn’t be able to give myself entirely…and that was necessary to gain the most strength. Q: How is life post “Marriage Boot Camp?” A: Wonderful!!! We continue to be very happy and prepped to spend many more decades together! Q: Because of your status as the first “Bachelorette,” is there an added pressure to make your marriage work? I won’t deny that I would be sad for the fans if we ever grew apart and realized that we shouldn’t be together, but that said, we would never let outside forces and public opinion, determine our “status.” We live for ourselves and our kids, no matter what. Q: How do you think you and Ryan differ from other “Bachelorette” and “Bachelor” couples who haven’t made it? A: I can’t answer that question, unfortunately, because I don’t know the details of other Bachelor/Bachelorette couples. The one difference I can comment on though is that we are older…much older!!! 😉 Q: Which current “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette” couple are you rooting for the most? A: All of them!!They are all family to me and I want them all to find the same kind of happiness that Ryan and I have. Q: Do you have any guesses for who the current “Bachelorette” Andi Dorfman will choose? A: My favorites are Josh and Marcus. Both of them seem to have fantastic chemistry with Andi. We’ll see!!! Q: What advice would you have for Dorfman and the man she picks as they journey off into the real world? A: Make sure to make your relationship a priority. There will be lots of incredible opportunities, but the opportunity they need to focus on is strengthening the love that they signed up to find. That, and stay grateful and humble, have fun, don’t worry about what others say, and know that they always have a Bachelor Nation family there to offer support! “Marriage Boot Camp” airs on Fridays nights at 8:00 p.m. on WEtv.
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