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“Fargo” Flash-forward Episode Winners and Losers


“Fargo” shocked viewers with a flash-forward that almost gave all the characters a fairytale ending. The time jump in “The Heap” was highly irregular for a TV series (but not as highly irregular as the time Lorne Malvo found a human foot in a toaster oven). A lot has changed over the course of a year, and most of our colorful characters are doing amazingly well after all that they’ve endured.

Agents Budge and Pepper

Budge and Pepper haven’t budged from the file room, so they’re definitely the biggest losers here. However, the exiled agents should look at the bright side of things: They’re still employed with the FBI after letting Malvo get away with the massacre of an entire building full of people. I also have a feeling their little time-out is about to come to an end.

Chief Oswalt

Molly’s boneheaded boss sort of redeemed himself by taking in a foster child from Sudan. Chief Wood-Chips-for-Brains seems really pleased with himself for doing this good deed, and he’s likely thrilled he can toot his own horn by telling everyone the heartwarming tale of how he found his Lost Boy stealing from one of the Supermarket King’s stores. He’s also winning in life because Molly has (probably) given up on pestering him – now she’s moved on to hounding the FBI.

Molly Solverson

Molly has completed her metamorphosis into “Fargo” movie character Marge Gunderson by getting married and knocked up. Unfortunately, the persistent policewoman can’t enjoy her new picture-perfect family because she’s still obsessed with bringing down Lester and Malvo. Molly has taken her unappreciated detective work home, and she’s bravely battling pregnancy brain as she uses her “crazy wall” to try to nab Nygaard and the hit man who he accidentally hired.

Lester Nygaard

Lester has a new boy band hairdo, a new suit, a new wife, and a whole new lease on life. The Insurance Salesman of the Year award winner has used sympathy and self-confidence to leave the old lily-livered Lester behind, and he’s become one of the guys who he used to despise. Just like brutish bully Sam Hess, he now has a wandering eye. However, his attempt to get laid doesn’t end with a knife in the neck while he’s visiting Vegas – he gives up his pursuit of a pretty lady when he spots Malvo. You can almost see his heart leap into his throat when he sees the hit man who knows his dirty little secret. The hired killer’s presence is a reminder of the horrible way Lester became such a success, but will Lester be brave enough to try snuffing out the wolf-like witness by stuffing him into a woodchipper?

Lorne Malvo

Even if the answer to the question above is “yes,” Lester’s likelihood of succeeding is extremely low. Malvo is now masquerading as a dentist, and this legit job comes complete with a slew of new terrifying tools of torture he can use to make Lester keep his mouth shut. Malvo isn’t just a big winner because he has a fun new job and hasn’t been imprisoned for the massive number of murders he’s committed – he also has a hot new silver fox hairdo. However, I kinda wish he hadn’t put his “Dumb and Dumber” chili bowl on his hit list.

Gus Grimly

Malvo might be living it up in Vegas, but Gus Grimly is the real winner here. Early on in “The Heap,” Officer Grimly tried to make small talk with Molly by sharing the highlight of his day: helping a man who got his privates stuck to a mailbox. Fast forward a year later, and Gus isn’t wistfully looking at a mailbox while he pours warm water on a crazy guy’s manhood – instead he’s happily stuffing that mailbox. Gus got his postman dream job; he got his dream girl (after shooting her in the spleen, no less); and he’s enjoying the simple life Lester was so desperate to get away from. “Fargo” viewers just have to pray to the fish rain gods that the lucky guy’s good fortune doesn’t get violently ripped away.

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