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“Galavant” Boasts a Host of Medieval Stars

Galavant “Galavant” won’t air until January 2015, but the show’s impressive guest list is already making it seem like a successful series that’s aired for seasons. It’s like a medieval “Mindy Project,” but even Mindy Kaling would wonder how the series snagged some of its guest stars. Let’s take a look at who is going to pop up on the fairy tale musical about the titular handsome hero (Joshua Sasse) who loses his true love to the deliciously devious King Richard (Timothy Omundson). John Stamos Have mercy! This “Full House” hottie is set to star as a singing knight who squares off against “Galavant” in a joust. Because the dashing knight likes to belt out tunes, it’s likely he and Galavant will also engage in a war of warbled words out on the jousting field. Executive producer Dan Fogelman described Stamos’ character as being “funny as hell” and looking “like Lancelot wishes he looked.” But there’s just one thing I want to know: will we get a medieval version of “Kokomo?” Weird Al The Prince of Parody, the Squire of Satire, and the King of Caricature is coming to “Galavant” to play a singing monk. There’s no word on whether he’ll lampoon any well-known tunes, but “Galavant” is airing on ABC, a subsidiary of Disney. ABC’s other fairy tale show, “Once Upon a Time,” didn’t want to get musical by having Queen Elsa re-cover “Let it Go” after arriving in Storybrooke. “Galavant” isn’t scared of song and dance numbers, so perhaps Weird Al could change “Let it Go” to “Hit Him Low” for a jousting match melody. Composer Alan Menken (“Beauty and the Beast,” “The Little Mermaid”) and lyricist Glenn Slater (“Tangled”) are penning tunes for “Galavant,” so just imagine what wonderful wackiness Weird Al could create with the Disney duo at his disposal. Rutger Hauer Hauer once played a knight in the TV series “Floris,” so he was the perfect choice for a medieval musical. However, he’s probably best-known for playing a replicant who gives a moving, rain-soaked speech in the movie “Blade Runner.” Hauer might get to deliver another death speech if wily King Richard gets his way on “Galavant.” The icy-eyed actor is set to play King Richard’s older, more badass brother. He threatens his younger sibling’s rule, so Richard will likely start scheming about ways to get rid of him. However, this could prove to be a very tough task—Hauer’s character is described as being “a man so destined to be a great king that his parents named him Kingsley.” Ricky Gervais Gervais’ character has the perfect medieval moniker for an apothecary: Xanax. It sounds like this drug dealer is no snake oil salesman—he specializes in “guiding his clients through alchemy-induced trips down memory lane.” It sounds like this trippy job beats a day at “The Office.” There’s no word on whether Xanax also peddles happy potions or if he’ll sing a song about the joys of doing drugs. Hugh Bonneville This “Downton Abbey” star is trading the Earl of Grantham’s sprawling estate for the squalor of a filthy pirate ship. Bonneville’s “Galavant” character is described as a “pirate king” named Peter the Pillager. With a nickname like that, it’s highly unlikely he’s playing one of the good guys. Galavant and his crew will encounter the barbaric buccaneer during their quest to save the princess of Valencia’s kingdom and exact revenge on King Richard. Other cast members of “Galavant” include Mallory Jansen as Galavant’s former lover Madalena, Karen David as Princess Isabella of Valencia, Vinnie Jones as King Richard’s hulking goon Gareth, and Luke Youngblood as Galavant’s faithful squire Sid. Hopefully “Galavant” will snag a few great female guest stars, too. Even with its lack of estrogen, I can’t really complain about this list of guest stars. What do you think? Does it make you want to give “Galavant” an enthusiastic “Huzzah?”
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