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“Galavant” Brings Musical Comedy to ABC: Will It Survive?

“Galavant” combines musical comedy with a medieval setting on ABC. It has clever music and fun storylines, but the limited budget is felt in every scene. Musical comedies don’t last long on most networks, so we’re wondering if “Galavant” can survive. A Comic Look at the Middle Ages The Middle Ages don’t automatically evoke fun stories. Between the plague and feudalism, people had little time for comedy. However, “Galavant” is able to blend stories from the Middle Ages with contemporary jokes for a fun viewing experience. It takes the cliché of a knight’s quest to save his love from an evil king and twists it into a unique tale. The hilarious joust scene featuring Jean Hamm (John Stamos) reveals the show can use a guest star to the maximum limit. On the other hand, King Richard’s (Timothy Omundson) silly need for hugs and attention reveals it can create comedy by paying attention to details. If it can keep the jokes fresh, the lighthearted nature of “Galavant” should help it avoid cancelation. Lyrics Worth Remembering “Galavant” isn’t going to win Grammy Awards for its musical numbers, and some of the singers need lessons. However, the lyrics are funny and worth remembering. Songs like “Maybe You’re Not the Worst Thing Ever” are a great addition to the show and fun to watch. The music can help save “Galavant” on ABC’s lineup. The Change of Pace Today’s TV landscape doesn’t offer many musical comedies, so “Galavant” is in a unique position. Viewers who are tired of the usual dramas and mysteries will find an escape by watching the show break fairy tale clichés. It offers a change of pace by mocking the Middle Ages. Plus, it doesn’t rely on magic, so it offers an alternative to shows like “Once Upon a Time.” This formula could keep it alive on ABC. The Small Budget ABC is not giving “Galavant” a large budget. From the bad costumes to the small musical numbers, the show is suffering. Plus, the show clearly can’t afford to pay for extras. The joust scene, one of the best comedy portions of the show, barely had an audience clapping for the knights. This is not a good sign for its future because ABC usually invests more in shows it wants to keep around. Chemistry in the Wrong Places The lack of chemistry between Galavant (Joshua Sasse) and Princess Isabella Lucia Maria Elizabetta of Valencia (Karen David) is hard to ignore, but the show keeps pushing them to be closer. Meanwhile, viewers are supposed to root against a relationship between the evil King Richard and Madalena (Mallory Jansen), but they have a spark. If “Galavant” continues to manipulate these couples, it could end up on the cancelation list. The Final Verdict “Galavant” has weaknesses jeopardizing its chances of survival on ABC. Its small budget combined with the chemistry issues among characters could destroy the show. However, this musical comedy can avoid cancelation by coming up with new jokes and great songs. I think “Galavant” can survive if it stays original – do you? Follow us on Facebook for more about “Galavant.”

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