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Get Your Outdoor Inspiration On with Our Favorite HGTV Shows

  There’s nothing better during the dog days of summer than enjoying an icy beverage in the comfort of your backyard oasis. With the warmest season just around the corner, it’s time to make sure your oasis is ready to go, and there’s no better way to get you in the mood to transform your outdoor space than tuning into some of our favorite HGTV and DIY backyard makeover shows. The landscape fanatics who host these shows are just the ticket to get you pumped about your own yard’s summer transformation. And the best part is the first step doesn’t even require you to get your hands dirty. You can sit back and relax as you “prepare” to get working by bingeing on these fun, innovative, addictive shows. “Yard Crashers” If you’ve ever wished a landscape architect would follow you home from Home Depot and turn your yard into the envy of everyone on the block, then this is the show for you. Landscape expert Ahmed Hassan does just that. He ambushes unsuspecting shoppers at the local home goods store and takes over their yard transformation. Whether your dream backyard is a tiki-style island getaway or an elegant, contemporary extra room – complete with fireplace – Hassan is sure to deliver with one creative idea after another. So, stop just dreaming about a new backyard and start watching other people get theirs. It’s the first step on the road to actually doing it yourself. “Desperate Landscapes” This show is on HGTV’s sister channel, DIY, and offers hope for even the saddest yard situation. If you’re just about ready to give up on your yard ever being an awesome place to hang out, you need to tune in. Host Jason Cameron descends on long-neglected yards to give them a show-stopping facelift – in just one day. Whether it’s adding a clever leaf-inspired walkway or a burst of color with bright flowerboxes, Cameron has the vision and the energy to make even the most run-down yards look like a million bucks. So, if you’re currently hiding out in shame of the state of your yard, make a date to see what Cameron’s up to and find how simple it can be to whip that nasty yard into shape. “The Outdoor Room with Jamie Durie” Host Jamie Durie doesn’t mess around when it comes to the idea of an outdoor room. We’re talking a whole lot more than adding an awning and an outdoor rug. Durie takes his meticulous eye for unique, beautiful outdoor spaces to create nearly impossible rooms that could rival even the nicest formal sitting room. One of the best parts of watching Durie drive his team perfection is the relief that you’re not on the other end of his high demands. But what they bring to life – from a garage turned outdoor dining room to a private adobe lounge that looks like a treasured find from an archeological dig – is mesmerizing. And you can’t stop with just one – after seeing Durie work his magic you just keep wanting more. “I Hate My Yard” If you’ve spent all your time and energy turning the inside of your house into your dream home, chances are the yard has been neglected. This show follows landscape designer Sara Bendrick as she helps people who love their house, but hate their yard. What’s the point in having a gorgeous house if it turns you into a hermit because the yard is so bad. Tune in the Bendrick as she creates a cozy, outdoor bar or the perfect backyard playground. After watching a few dozen episodes, you’ll be inspired to stop hiding out in your beautiful home and start creating an outdoor space worthy of the house you love so much. “Yardcore” This lively show puts the skills of its host to the test as they have just 48 hours to completely makeover a yard – but the catch is they have to do it sight-unseen and without meeting the homeowners. It’s a kick to watch these tough-guy landscape maestros (Jake and Joel Moss) go to town with plans that may or may not match the style of the home or the preferences of the owners. And these guys play for keeps. Some of the things they create are truly mind-blowing. From industrial-inspired benches and a suspended bar to waterside spiral staircases, these fellas are bound to give you a whole new perspective when you look out the back door. If you’ve been putting off that outdoor renovation, don’t pressure yourself to jump outside and start digging. First, kick back with these awesome shows and watch other people do the work for a while. Once you’ve absorbed all the HGTV awesomeness you can stand, you’ll be more than ready to create your own TV-worthy yard transformation. Photo Credit: HGTV

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