Cory Montieth Glee Changes

It’s part of the growing pains that all TV series experience – the exit of one character and the story line for someone new. And this fall won’t be any different. Sure, the producers will try and write exciting and captivating story lines to explain why one character suddenly went missing and a new actor is in his or her place, but the real-life tales of contracts, creative differences and the reasons behind Glee cast changes are just as dramatic as scripted TV. Here are some of the shows taking creative risks with new cast members this fall TV season.

Glee: The Glee cast changes come after the most tragic of entertainment news: After actor Cory Monteith was found dead due to an apparent lethal overdose of heroin and alcohol in July, one of the central story lines of the show – the relationship between Finn and Rachel – was brought to an end. Without Finn, creator Ryan Murphy has the unenviable task of shooting the show with a reason for Finn’s disappearance. He has since confirmed that Finn will not die of a drug overdose, but the show will explain that Finn has died. It’s sure to be an emotional episode, while some of the secondary characters move up to take their turn in the Glee spotlight.

Two and a Half Men: After Angus T. Jones experienced a momentary lapse in judgment, putting his bread and butter on blast for being “filth” in a video blog, it was clear that his time on the ill-fated and oft-embattled show was coming to an end. He was cut after last season and he’ll be replaced by Amber Tamblyn. She’ll enter the story line as the late Charlie’s lesbian daughter. While Men was able to briefly recover from Charlie Sheen’s exit and Ashton Kutcher’s new character, there’s now only one of the original Men left. It’s not looking good.

The X Factor: Brit transplant X Factor has yet to find its stride on American soil, but it’s not for a lack of trying. The constant merry-go-round of judges means that producers are trying hard to find the right fit. After Britney Spears failed to pull high ratings, she and L.A. Reid left the show after its second season. In their place are Kelly Rowland and Paulino Rubio, levying judgment with Simon Cowell and sassy Demi Lovato. Hopefully it’ll be enough to keep the show around for another season.

Grey’s Anatomy: With a show as old as Grey’s, there’s bound to be some issues with contracts and characters. After all, some of the show’s staple beginning characters – think Izzy, George and Addison – have all exited the series. Now, one of the last remaining original cast members will be leaving after Sandra Oh announced that she would not be renewing her contract after the 10th season. No word on how Cristina Yang will make her exit, but we can only hope it’ll be a Grey’s-style tear jerker, complete with indie music.

How I Met Your Mother: Thankfully, not all shows are going to be losing characters this fall – some will be gaining characters. And in the case of How I Met Your Mother, it’s arguably the most important character on the show. The titular “Mother” will finally make her appearance, played by Broadway darling Cristin Milioti. The plan is that she’ll meet each member of the gang before finally meeting Ted. The final season will culminate in a wedding and end what can only be described as an epic, awesome show.

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