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“Gracepoint” is a Reboot Worth Watching

GRACEPOINT_FIN10_hires2 When it comes to reboots and remakes, it’s not always easy to muster up excitement, but Fox’s upcoming series “Gracepoint” is certainly an exception. The 10-episode murder mystery is a reboot of BBC America’s “Broadchurch,” which followed David Tennant’s troubled detective as he delved into the secrets of a small, seaside community to unmask the murderer of an 11-year-old boy. There are a few things that make “Gracepoint” stand out in a sea of recycled ideas and formats, not the least of which is the identical casting of the main protagonist. For David Tennant fans, and others who simply love a great whodunit, here are three reasons you need to tune in to “Gracepoint” this fall: 1. David Tennant and His Stubble David Tennant fans will be delighted to know he’s bringing the American version of his unkempt, scruffy investigator to life for U.S. audiences – complete with an American accent. It’s not often an actor gets to play two versions of the same character back-to-back, but that’s just what Tennant has had the chance to do. But don’t assume the actor is sleeping on the job just because it’s familiar territory. Tennant and the rest of the creative team have worked hard to preserve what worked in the original (chin stubble, anyone?) and tweak things that work better for the American telling of the mystery, which includes more episodes than the U.K version. 2. Two Bonus Episodes While we’re on the topic, it’s important to note that “Gracepoint” will have two more episodes than “Broadchurch.” This not only gives fans more weeks to enjoy the suspenseful thriller, but also lets the show delve more deeply into some of the characters and key relationships that shape the story. The show’s creators claim the two extra episodes will ensure “Gracepoint” is more than just a replay of the BBC America series – the story will take on unexpected twists and turns, and the creators have hinted there may be an entirely different ending. 3. Great Storytelling Whether you tuned in to “Broadchurch” or not, the structure of this series stands out from other weekly whodunits with fantastic writing and a focused plot line that builds from week to week. Similar to “The Killing,” “Gracepoint” follows one case throughout all 10 episodes, allowing time to delve into the fallout that shakes a community after an unspeakable crime. Viewers get to know the community and all its players intimately as they try to solve the case right along with the detectives. Having the time to explore each character and what they may have to hide makes for a rich viewing experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat each week waiting for the next episode. Mark the “Gracepoint” October 2 premier on FOX on your calendar right now so you don’t miss a minute.
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