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Hands Down, Mindy Lahiri is The Coolest TV Character To Hang With

Mindy_Lahiri I spend most of my 9-5 trying to impress people I would never socialize with outside of the office, so I’m thrilled when I get to choose who I surround myself with off the clock. This includes who I give my time to when watching TV. After all, if I wouldn’t want to grab a beer with the characters, what’s the point? I tried hanging out with Jess Day from “New Girl,” but she was way too kooky for me and Penny from “Big Bang Theory” was too much of an airhead. Olivia Pope from “Scandal”? Too put-together. I was on the verge of giving up my quest for new TV friends altogether when I stumbled upon “The Mindy Project” and Mindy Lahiri spouting the line, “I fell asleep watching the movie ‘Amélie,’ and when I woke up, I had spilled so much red wine on myself that I thought for a second that I had been shot.” It was love at first laugh. Here are five reasons I think Mindy Lahiri is the coolest chick to hang with.

1. Her body is real

She’s neither rail thin nor blessed with an abnormally large yet amazing butt. You can actually see her weight fluctuate from episode to episode and she totally embraces it. Mindy confidently says it best herself: “I’m not overweight; I fluctuate between chubby and curvy.”

2. She doesn’t sound scripted

When Mindy speaks, you feel as if you were in the writing room right alongside her, feeding her lines. There are several occasions an episode where I find myself thinking, “I would totally say that!” While most leading ladies are prolific, typecast, or preachy, she refuses to conform. It’s not easy to predict what comes out of her mouth, which is part of the reason why the show is so great.

3. She’s awesome at her job without flaunting it

The popular buzz phrase lately is “work-life balance,” yet most leading ladies can’t master it. They are either so absorbed in their careers that they have a hard time functioning in the outside world (think Meredith Gray from “Grey’s Anatomy”) or they suffer in their career while trying to work on their personal lives (like Jess). Most of us are functioning adults, who don’t have the luxury to let either facet of our lives slip. It’s kind of annoying to watch it on TV and harbor jealousy. Mindy’s got the balance down. One evening she’s mastering a C-section and the next day she’s flirting her way into the arms of a preacher man.

4. She isn’t ashamed of her sexuality

“The Mindy Project” is one of the only chick-centric shows that my man will sit through and it’s largely because Mindy is no Liz Lemmon. Now that she’s settled down into a relationship with fellow OB-GYN Danny Castellano, she still proudly shares all the nitty- gritty that goes on between the sheets, from romantic and hot car sex to the “I slipped” moments. It’s like having morning-after brunch with your best friend, without the shame or hangover.

5. You could raid her closet

Mindy’s wardrobe is almost as fun as the show itself because, like her weight, it fluctuates. Sometimes she looks put-together and other days, it’s like the stylist went out with the script. She dresses for the dudes in some uncomfortably tight dresses with low necklines and then rocks a serious set of Granny Jammies. Regardless of her mood, her style is always attainable, which is refreshingly cool to see in a lead television actress. This is probably why there are countless blogs and Pinterest pages dedicated to Mindy’s wardrobe. Move over Jess, there’s a new new girl in town, and she’s bringing the McNuggets.
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