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Holiday Gifts Under $100

Enhance your loved one’s TV life with these TV accessories and devices.

What are you gonna get your family and friends this holiday season? Well, everybody loves TV, right? If you’re still looking for ideas, we’ve here to help with recommendations for the best streaming device, TV antenna, mini projector, TV mount, cable splitter, and streaming service subscription under 100 bucks.

Best streaming device: Roku Ultra

Why do we say the Roku Ultra is the best overall streaming TV device? Count the reasons: 4K HDR resolution, excellent audio (see details at right) with a headphone jack, voice remote, and support for 4,000 apps.

There’s more: USB and Ethernet ports, a MicroSD slot, and included JBL earbuds and HDMI cable. That’s great value at the Ultra’s regular price of $99.99—but you can often find it on sale. (But the intended recipient of your Roku Ultra doesn’t need to know that.)

Roku Ultra

Price: $69.99
Resolution: 4K, HDR10+, Dolby Vision
Audio: Digital stereo, DTS Digital Surround, Dolby Audio, and Atmos
Ports: USB, Ethernet

Best HD antenna: Mohu Leaf Plus Amplified Indoor

Do you know someone who pays monthly for a basic cable package that has only local broadcast affiliates and subchannels? Well, do we have a gift idea for that person.

If you buy them an over-the-air (OTA) antenna like the Mohu Leaf, it’ll pick up every broadcast channel and subchannel in a 60-mile radius. Then your friend can cancel that basic (in every sense of the slang term) cable TV package and save about $50 a month.* So for less than $50, you’ll have given someone a gift worth a lot more.

* Depending on the TV provider.

Mohu Leaf Plus Amplified Indoor Antenna

Price: $49.99
Range: 60 miles
Resolution: Up to 1080p
Mounting: Indoor

Best mini projector: DBPOWER RD-820 Mini Projector

We had low expectations when testing the DBPOWER RD-820, but this compact budget LCD projector surprised us. Sure, it’s not a fancy 4K short-throw laser projector, but, after a super-easy setup, we were watching movies in 1080p resolution on a 100” screen—for less than 100 bucks. And, even better, the RD-820 comes with a remote, HDMI cable, audio/video cable, and carrying case.

The only thing we don’t really like about the RD-820 is its weak 3-watt internal speaker. Fortunately, the projector has an audio jack so you can use a soundbar or surround-sound system to make up for it. We also highly recommend buying a screen for the best possible image quality. Maybe you can partner up with someone for a gift bundle?

DBPOWER RD-820 Mini Projector

Price: $129.99
Brightness: 5,500 lumens
Screen size: 40”–200”
Resolution: Up to 1080p
Speaker: 3W internal

Best cable splitter: Extreme 2-Way Coax Cable Splitter

For more than 70 years, the cable TV splitter has helped us extend our cable TV signal to the other TVs in our homes. The splitter is still king today, since it’s incredibly affordable compared to renting your TV service provider’s multiroom TV equipment.

The Extreme 2-Way Coax Cable Splitter has universal mounting and galvanized waterproof F-ports so you can use it anywhere. Stuff this in someone’s stocking. And maybe include extra coaxial cable, but put it under the tree so you don’t take up precious candy space in the sock.

Extreme 2-Way Coax Cable Splitter

Price: $4.95
Connection: Coaxial
Ports: F-port
Compatible devices: TV, broadband modem, cable box, satellite receiver, DVD/Blu-ray player, and more.

Best TV mount: VideoSecu TV Wall Mount

A wall mount allows you to place your TV higher on the wall, kinda like a movie screen, which will really enhance some lucky person’s holiday movie marathons.

VideoSecu’s sturdy TV mounts come in four sizes, hold a lot of weight, support a variety of TV sizes, allow a wide range of horizontal motion, and just enough vertical tilt to kill pesky glare from outside light.

VideoSecu TV Wall Mount

Price: $25.00
Supported TV sizes: 26”–88”
Weight limit: Up to 135 lbs.
Adjustment range: 180 degrees of swivel, 12–15 degrees of tilt

Best other: Disney+ annual subscription

Why buy someone another Disney book or toy when you can give them a zillion characters and stories from the Disney, Marvel, and Jim Henson universes (among others)?

An annual Disney+ subscription is only $79.99, which is like getting two months of service free. It also includes four simultaneous streams, seven user profiles, and unlimited downloads for offline viewing—which you can do on up to 10 devices. That’ll please any individual, but it could also cover an entire family’s holiday gift in one shot.

Disney+ annual subscription

Price: $79.99 (saves 17%)
Streams: 4
User profiles: 7
Downloads/offline viewing: Unlimited on up to 10 devices

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