Too Soon For Halloween? Nope. Stream Horror All Fall.

Let us help you plot your October watchlist with our new streaming TV package recommendation: The Bloodstream Bundle.

Crunchy fallen leaves, cooler temperatures, early sunsets, and overeager retailers— these things are usually harbingers of the Halloween season. But, as of this writing, it’s still 95 degrees outside and it’s not even Labor Day yet.

That’s okay, ‘cause you have a lot of Halloween planning to do. Like, what’re you gonna wear? We can’t help you with costume ideas (but go ahead and ask us in the comments, we might answer). We can, however, help you plan your October watchlist with a new custom streaming TV package: The Bloodstream Bundle.

Image 1 - Horror Bundle (agile)

It’s Alive! It’s Alive!

In 9 Streaming Bundles to Replace Cable, we’ve stitched streaming TV services together to form custom streaming bundles for movie lovers, series bingers, sports fans, busy parents, bargain hunters, cult film fanatics, and now horror geeks.

We also show you how to create your own custom streaming package, save money doing it, and what to do when your eccentric neighbor reanimates a corpse.*

* Opt-in beta test. Waiver required. TV experts may or may not have monster-hunting experience; take related advice with a grain of salt.

The Bloodstream Bundle

Blood. Everywhere.

Total price: $49.93/mo.
Included services:

At under $50 a month, the Bloodstream Bundle is one of the most affordable custom streaming packages we’ve curated. It has eight streaming TV services, all with awesome libraries that should delight horror fans of all, uh, tastes. Drool over this menu:

  • Animated horror
  • Body horror
  • Creature features
  • Dark fantasy
  • Devil babies
  • Documentaries
  • Exploitation
  • Extreme horror
  • Folk horror
  • Foreign horror
  • Giallo
  • Gore-nography
  • Grindhouse
  • Horror comedies
  • Kaiju
  • Killer clowns
  • Post-apocalyptic/doomsday
  • Psychological horror
  • Schlock
  • Sci-fi/horror
  • Shot-on-video (SOV)
  • Slashers
  • So-bad-it’s-good
  • Spaghetti westerns
  • Supernatural horror
  • Suspense
  • Thrillers
  • Vampires
  • Werewolves
  • Zombies
  • . . . and more!

With all of this killer, creepy content, you can watch a different horror movie every day in October (and into the foreseeable future). You’re also assured a certain level of quality, since these are some of the best streaming services for horror.

Paying the price

We used the following pricing when creating the Bloodstream Bundle. Click the links to read more about each service.

* Full review coming soon.

Any way you slice it

The Bloodstream Bundle’s already affordable monthly payment can get even lower—like up to 50% lower—with the following customization options.

  • Essentials only: Pay only $24.96/mo. (half of the original Bloodstream Bundle price) by choosing only the best horror streaming services: Arrow Player, Full Moon, Shudder, Troma NOW!, and Tubi.
  • Go annual: Save $8.21/mo. with annual subscriptions to Arrow Player, Full Moon Features, Night Flight Plus, Screambox, Shudder, and Troma Now. Note: Requires paying $276.95 up front.
  • No Prime: If you don’t want, or you already have, Amazon Prime—drop it and subtract $14.99 from The Bloodstream Bundle’s monthly payment.
  • Some Prime: Don’t need the full Amazon Prime membership with its other benefits? Save $6.00/mo. by getting only Prime Video.
  • Student discount: Amazon Prime gives students 50% off the full Prime membership—a savings of $7.50/mo.—plus a free six-month trial.

Now get to work. Halloween’s only two whole months away.

Pro tip: On a tight budget? Well that’s just great, ‘cause horror films and low budgets go hand-in-hand. If the Bloodstream Bundle is still too rich for your proverbial bodily fluid, you can still fill up on blood ‘n’ guts for free with Tubi.

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