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How to Repair a Plasma TV

Plasma TV As technology gets more advanced, repairs become trickier. It’s no longer Dad or Granddad taking the TV apart on his workbench. Now there are plasma screens, LCD displays, and LED set-ups, high-definition everything, and enhanced sound systems. So what do you do when your plasma TV breaks? The first step is to check all your connections. This seems obvious, but you never know when the cat has been playing with the power cords again. If your connections are secure, and you can use the remote some, try to open the TV’s main menu. Look for an option like “Settings” or “Preferences.” Within that tab, you should be able to find a “Reset” button or a “Return to Factory Default” button. Choose the reset button and let the TV run through its steps. When it’s stopped (it might turn itself off and back on, or just turn itself off), turn it back on and see if the problem is solved. Beyond those two steps, there’s not much you can do at home to repair a plasma TV. Before you go buy a new one, call around to local repair shops and national repair shops. Ask for a repair quote – if you describe the problem accurately, the shop should be able to give you an estimated cost for repair. If the cost to repair your plasma TV is going to be more than the cost of a new TV, your conscience is cleared: buy a new plasma TV! Here are several national repair shops that should be able to answer any questions you have about plasma TVs. A few of them even offer in-home repairs so you don’t have to transport an oversized TV set.
  1. Best Buy’s Geek Squad
  2. Sears Home Services
  3. LG Repair Providers

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