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How To Setup Your Wireless Home Theater

Home Theater You can spend all the time in the world making sure you have the perfect setup in your living room, family room or personal theater and still never get it quite right. You know why, don’t you? It’s because of those pesky cords, cables and wires running all over the room. They’re ugly, distracting and unbelievably frustrating. That’s why the best thing to do when you’re working towards a new setup is to go with a wireless home theater system. Trying to hide the wires running from the receiver to the speakers behind the couch is one of the biggest hassles when it comes to setting up a home theater. Also, anyone that has a small child or a cat knows how appealing wires are to them and how dangerous it is to have them running all over the room. Fortunately a lot of brands are taking the necessary steps to make their systems easier on the eyes and not as cluttered. The Samsung Smart Home Theater System utilizes Bluetooth, so that you’re able to stream audio content from a mobile device, built-in Wi-Fi and a wireless rear speaker module. By placing the module in the back of the room next an AC power outlet, it will give off a signal for the rear channel speakers and you won’t have to worry about hiding wires from the receiver next to the TV all the way to the back of the room. Samsung also offers a 2.1 Channel Soundbar equipped with a wireless subwoofer. While that’s a great asset, much like the Smart Home Theater, the subwoofer requires AC connection. So, while it may not need a wire running under the rug and behind your television, it still needs a little bit of juice to get the power going. There are a lot of options when it comes to wireless home theater systems, and much like every other piece of electronic equipment, doing some research before you buy is the best bet.  There are several websites that are dedicated to helping you find what’s best for you and which products get the best reviews.
  • Top Ten Reviews ( looks into everything from electronics (like wireless home theater setups) to personal finance software to credit card processors.
  • Consumer Reports ( is another that reviews and rates multiple products. It’s probably the most widely used and held in the highest regard.
  • Amazon and Best Buy both offer reviews, as well. While other sites take a more professional, technical approach, Amazon and Best Buy are usually user generated and may be more useful when it comes to finding a more common, user-based review.
When it comes to setting up a new wireless home theater system, there are a number of different options to consider. One thing is certain, though: you don’t want to worry about cords and wires running all through your living room while you’re trying to get to the couch to catch the latest episode of The Walking Dead. With a wireless home theater setup, you won’t have to worry about crawling around like a zombie after tripping. Find Jess on

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