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In Honor of Movember: The Best CableTV Mustache Moments

  “Movember” is in full swing and the mustache magnificence is upon us. In honor of this ‘stache-tacular month, we think it’s fitting to look at the most epic mustache moments to ever grace our TV screens. Whether you like your mustaches refined and waxed or brazen and bushy, we’re sure to have a mustache memory to tickle your fancy. So dive in and see if your favorite whisker-fueled moment made CableTV‘s top three. 1. Now you see it, now you don’t. Alex-Trebec The man behind what may be the most famous TV mustache of all time is none other than the intrepid host of “Jeopardy,” Alex Trebek. Game show host extraordinaire and mustache icon, Trebek was known as much for his impressive soup strainer as his impeccable enunciation. Admirers flocked to the television every evening to test their grasp of trivia and appreciate the well-groomed mustache upon Trebek’s face. And then our world was shattered. In 2001, Trebek did the unimaginable – he shaved. The naked lip was a full-frontal assault. What used to be clad in elegance and panache was now a bare landscape that made us feel uncomfortable and a little bit dirty. We endured the unadorned lip for 13 long years, and then we got our mustache back. This September Trebek answered our prayers and brought back the ‘stache. But the joy was short-lived: under pressure from a new, “modern” game show audience, Trebek once again reached for the razor. It seems this mustache roller coaster ride may never end. For shame, “Jeopardy” fans, for shame! 2. ‘Stache injured in on-air attack. In 1988, TV “journalist” Geraldo Rivera was at the height of his glory. He had his own talk show that explored the issues of the day and co-starred his outstanding mustache. Unfortunately for said ‘stache, his amazing facial hair became an innocent victim when Geraldo was attacked during a show focused on white supremacy. I guess it shouldn’t be surprising that a skinhead would take issue with an overabundance of luscious hair. After all, they make their whole point by shaving themselves smooth as a baby’s bottom. But whether it was the subject matter (“Young Hate Mongers”) or the magnificent bro-stache, one audience member just couldn’t take it anymore. The skinhead sprang from the audience and bashed Geraldo in the face with a chair. Yes, Geraldo’s nose seemed to take the brunt of the blow, but luckily mustaches are resilient. Rivera continues to rock the ‘stache today in a multitude of selfies on twitter. 3. Taking it off for charity. RonSwanson It’s not every day you see a mustache being used for the betterment of mankind. Sure, we get to bask in their manly glory but rarely can a mustache actually make a difference. That all changed in 2012 when Nick Offerman sacrificed Ron Swanson’s glorious ‘stache for charity. That’s right, Offerman gave the Swanson equivalent of an arm and a leg for the pediatric cancer charity Because of Ezra. The funny man told “The Huffington Post” that he and his mustache were “tickled pink” to be able to raise funds by auctioning off the legendary lip rug for the worthy cause. But how do you auction off a mustache? Offerman didn’t let pesky details like that get in his way; he had the ‘stache reconstructed and attached to a mold of his face. The display was sealed behind museum-quality glass before going on the block. The results of the sale were private so we may never know how much this bad boy went for, but we’re sure this much-admired ‘stache went for a hefty sum.  Too bad we can’t preserve all our favorite mustaches forever. How are you commemorating the marvelous month of Movember?
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