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Interview: Jesse Csincsak of ‘The Bachelorette’ Talks Life After Reality TV

Jesse The Bachelorette Some people go on reality TV shows like The Bachelor and The Bachelorette hoping to find love and others are hoping to find fame and fortune. Jesse Csincsak joined season four of The Bachelorette looking for love. He didn’t find his true love on the show, but because of the series ended up married to Ann Lueders. The two met at a reunion for cast members of the show and the rest is history. Ann and Jesse now have one son Noah and another baby on the way that is due in March. They haven’t announces the sex of the new baby yet. They live a quiet life in Colorado and have stepped away from the Hollywood scene. Recently I spoke with Jesse about life after reality TV and his advice for people who want to get their lives back to normal after being on a reality series. What made you decide to go on a reality TV show? “I was a young pro snowboarder who loved to travel and wanted to meet the one! This show was a good chance to do just that and have fun doing it.” How has your life changed since being on reality TV? “After reality TV getting back to a normal life takes years! It’s easy to forget who you are or what you do! Once the network stops paying for things, that helps bring you back to earth a bit as you’re not staying in 5 star hotels anymore with helicopter rides everywhere! That isn’t reality.” How long did it take for you to back to a normal lifestyle? “It took until I met my bride Ann Lueders. She helped me see the big picture and that family and children were the big picture. That is what I have now.” Would you ever do reality TV again if given the chance? “Under the right circumstances with the proper compensation and with my family, I would do it again.” What advice do you have for people who were on a reality show, but now want to live a normal life? “Go somewhere like the mountains of Colorado and disappear and focus on whatever you were doing prior to going on the show. You have to get out of LA. Forget about TV and fame because that stuff is gone as fast as it came for you.” What are you doing in your life now since moving on from reality TV? “My wife and I own women’s clothing boutiques called Cashmere and Coco in 3 states and also own a property management company called Colorado Home Check that services homes from Breckenridge to Vail up to Aspen Colorado.” Don’t forget that a new season of The Bachelor will start airing on ABC in January of 2014. Juan Pablo Galavis will be trying to find love. If you want to keep up with Jesse Csincsak you can follow him on Twitter. Find Mandy on Google+

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