Is NFL Plus Worth It?

Coming in July, NFL Plus will feature live in-market games for only $5 a month—but is it a good deal?

In July, the NFL will launch NFL Plus, a new streaming service where you can watch all of your live, in-market NFL games on your mobile phone or tablet for only $5 a month.

Is NFL Plus worth it? We’re reserving our final opinion until we can actually test the service, which might have other content or features. But, based on what we know so far, we don’t think NFL Plus is worth your money. Allow us to explain.

Stream your cable or satellite TV package

Most cable and satellite TV providers have a free mobile app that allows you to stream your live channels, DVR recordings, purchases, and rentals. We like DISH Anywhere the best, but we’ve also tested and reviewed mobile apps from Cox, Spectrum, and Xfinity. Click the links to read our reviews.

The live NFL games that will be available on NFL Plus are the same games you can watch on your local channels. You can already watch in-market NFL games if you have a cable, satellite, or streaming TV subscription (or an over-the-air [OTA] TV antenna). All you need is your TV provider’s mobile app, which will work with a variety of devices, not just phones and tablets.

So our hot-take recommendation is that you can skip NFL Plus if you already have TV service. But if you don’t have TV service, and you’re on a tight budget and starved for live football, go ahead and give NFL Plus a try.

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