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Jaime Primak Sullivan on “Jersey Belle,” Comparisons to Bethenny Frankel and Reality TV

Jersey_Belle Jaime Primak Sullivan will make her reality television debut in “Jersey Belle” next week, a series which chronicles her “attempts to fit into a world not used to an unapologetic and outspoken woman,” following her 2006 marriage to Mountain Brook’s Michael Sullivan. As the founder and president of Bridge and Tunnel Entertainment, a PR and strategic marketing agency, which has worked on several major events, including P. Diddy’s White Party and Jamie Foxx’s Grammy Party, Sullivan is a busy woman. Judging by the show’s official trailer, he schedule doesn’t always jive with Alabama’s crowd. However, it does lead to an interesting dynamic between Sullivan and her co-stars. In an email interview with CableTV, Sullivan opened up about her new gig in reality TV and explained what fans can expect from her and the rest of the cast. “The concept of ‘Jersey Belle’ is so fresh and fun, and the situational comedy comes from such a real place – that’s what will really carry the series,” Sullivan said. On the show, fans will watch as Sullivan, a New Jersey native, adjusts to life with her husband and new friends in a town where she sometimes feels like “a fish out of water.” “[Michael] is especially delicious and entertaining just for the mere fact that he chose me as his partner because we are on total opposite ends of most spectrums,” Sullivan said. ”Many of my clients make cameos and you’ll meet no only my Birmingham friends but my Jersey friends as well… And my family… In all their loudness and with all their antics.” Sullivan, who serves as a consulting producer on the series, enjoyed the experience of filming a reality show and is thrilled with the results. “I loved every minute and felt and still feel so blessed to be part of a project I believe so wholehearted in,” she said. ”We had the best crew, the smartest execs and the greatest production company. I’m telling you – when the stars align – it’s magic.” For Sullivan, developing the concept of “Jersey Belle” was a long process, but after meeting with Authentic, the company behind Jeff Lewis’ “Flipping Out,” she made the decision to move forward with her idea with Bravo. “This is my industry and I trust entertainment the way a doctor trusts science,” she said. ”I’ve always been an open book so transparency doesn’t scare me. In fact, I think honesty is very appealing both in entertainment and in life.” Sullivan got her start doing marketing for NYC nightclubs to the Bridge and Tunnel crowds, which is where she got the name for her own firm, Bridge and Tunnel Entertainment. “At its core, public relations is based on relationships between people,” Sullivan said. “I am happiest when I am engaged with people.” Although Sullivan’s show has yet to premiere, she is already being compared to one of the network’s former stars, Bethenny Frankel, namely because of her strong-willed attitude and career-driven mindset. “Professionally, I am flattered,” Sullivan said. ”She’s driven, focused, hardworking, and she’s funny!!! I admire her ability to leverage opportunity. I find that incredibly sexy. I don’t know much about her personally, but I’ve had clients on her talk show and I adored her. So personable and again, so funny.” “Jersey Belle” premieres Monday, August 4 at 10 p.m. on Bravo.
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