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Jennifer Morrison Talks OUAT, Says “[Pan] Gets What He Wants”

Jennifer Morrison OUAT Jennifer Morrison, is an American actress, best known for her role as Emma Swan on ABC’s hit show, Once Upon a Time. This past weekend, Morrison attended New York Comic Con and gave fans a little insight into where the cast is going this season. Q: How does Neverland change the shows dynamic this season? Morrison: It takes all of our guards down. We are in a land where you sort of revisit what you were as a child and you can’t escape that. We all have damage from our lives and we know about the damage Emma has gone through with the foster homes and all of that…so we know that there is damage in everyone’s past. Now that we are in a land where our guard is not up as much and we can’t really fight off those emotionally experiences, it’s going to be more emotional and it’s going to be more volatile. Everything gets pushed to the limits a little bit more because of that and it definitely heightens the stakes. Also, her child’s life is in jeopardy and all of us are trying to get to him and save him. It’s a real threat so the stakes are very high. Q: Your character has gone on this journey of acceptance for the past couple of seasons. What is it like that she is now coming into her own? Morrison: She does break the curse at the end of the first season so she does accept that, that is her role that she has been fated to do. There are different things that she has had to accept that she doesn’t see coming necessarily. As an audience member it’s a lot easier to say ‘Why didn’t you just believe this’ but she can’t. She doesn’t know everything the audience knows or that the audience has seen. So, the journey has been a slow, but steady one for her. We will see more of it this season with her fight to get Henry back. Q: Is it hard that you don’t get to have the two characters to play? (i.e. a real life and a fairy tale character)? Morrison: It’s interesting too because even though, those dual roles exist they have now blended into singular characters. We are flashing back still and seeing their past. We don’t only have David or Regina. That doesn’t exist anymore. We have an amalgamation of both people mixed together which then creates new memories for the same person. That’s confusing [laughs]. I wouldn’t say that it’s tough, I think there are times that I feel like Emma could be better understood if we saw more of the story of her past, but I know that is not the structure of the show. So then I try to do the best I can to infiltrate that into what I do have to do and try to be as informative as possible with what she has gone through in her life in the present moment. I don’t know, but I am doing the best I can. Q: I like that Peter Pan is getting into your own head about your past and Henry’s resentment.  Morrison: Yeah, it’s great. That is what makes Pan threatening on multiple levels. He is not just villainess and with reason we will see over time. But his power comes from the games that he plays. The games he plays are psychologically based. So the way he is going to get what he wants is by manipulating a chest board and we are all pieces on that board. We don’t know it. We try to stay ahead of the game based on combined knowledge from all of us to save Henry and keep ourselves alive. So, not only does Neverland present certain things that change stuff emotionally for all of us, but Pan’s presence and the way he runs Neverland is a huge part of that. Watch Jennifer Morrison on Once Upon a Time on ABC, Sunday’s at 8pm EST. Find Monica on Google+

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