Johnny Manziel

Last season Johnny Manziel led Texas A&M on an amazing ride through their season, ending in a blowout win over Oklahoma in the Cotton bowl and a #5 national ranking for A&M, and the first ever Heisman Trophy awarded to a freshman for Manziel. This season does not look to be off to such a great start. After an offseason of questionable decisions, Johnny “Football” Manziel is under investigation from the NCAA for allegedly selling autographs to multiple memorabilia brokers.

NCAA rules prohibit any player from using their image or name to earn money, a hotly-debated subject that is currently being challenged in a lawsuit led by an ex-UCLA basketball player. Even though the players-should-be-paid-side is gaining traction, at the moment the rule still stands, which could mean serious consequences for Johnny Football and Texas A&M.

While it is still unclear what evidence is really out there, this situation must have the Aggies sweating bullets. There are a couple ways this could play out:

  1. The NCAA is unable to put together the paper trail and the case is dropped. Many happy people in College Station, Texas.
  2. The NCAA puts together a weak case, Manziel receives a slap on the wrist reminiscent of Cam Newton a couple years ago. Manziel is ruled ineligible by the school then quickly reinstated with minimal consequences, like paying back the money he took, or at least the amount that could be proven. Many happy and relieved people in College Station, Texas.
  3. The case is not brought immediately by the NCAA as it is busy tracking down evidence. Texas A&M plays Manziel in a few games, and then Maziel is found guilty of taking a substantial amount of money. Texas A&M is forced to forfeit those games, receives penalties from the NCAA such as loss of scholarships and postseason bans. Johnny Manziel is excused from the team and limps into his run at the NFL. Many sad and angry fans in College Station, Texas.
  4. The NCAA wraps up its investigation before the season opener and Maziel is forced to sit a number of games. Seeing that Texas A&M is set to face off against defending champion Alabama in their third game of the season, that could dampen their dreams of winning the SEC West. Many frustrated, but still happy fans in College Station, Texas.

One thing is for sure, until this situation is resolved Texas A&M and their fan base will be on pins and needles while keeping their eyes on the headlines.

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