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Judging Series Finales: How Did “Psych,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Being Human” and OUATIW Do?

Being Human - Season 4

Several shows have aired series finales recently, and while some have lived up to expectations, that’s not true for all of them. Read on for my judgments of the last episodes of “Psych,” “How I Met Your Mother,” “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” and “Being Human.”


The USA Network show’s finale was one of those final episodes that felt like just that in all the best ways. Shawn struggled with finding a way to tell Gus he was leaving as his best friend was settling into his job away from Psych, and in the end, he chose to tell everyone goodbye via DVD. One of the big questions going into the end of the series regarded what Lassiter would know about Shawn at the end, and his choice not to hear was just one of the parts that made it so good. Shawn and Juliet planned for their future, with the episode ending with the chase to get the ring back, and Psych was still in business – maybe – just in another city. It felt like everyone was moving on, but in a way where you could imagine life continuing for them like it should and with the door left open for something in the future.

“How I Met Your Mother”

The “HIMYM” finale allowed me to check every item off a list, but it was a list of what I didn’t want to see because of what it did to the series. Barney and Robin got divorced, essentially negating what the entire ninth season was building towards, and Robin basically disappeared from everyone’s lives, especially after that painful conversation in the empty apartment with Lily.

As expected, the Mother was dead by the time Ted was telling their kids how they met, after all those moments we saw of her in the final season that made us fall in love with her. Ted’s “how I met your mother” story was really “how I’m still in love with Aunt Robin and barely mentioned your mother in this story about her” and in the end, his kids called him out on it and urged him to call up Robin.

After Ted spent a lot of time trying to move on from Robin, he ended up right back where he had started in the final moments. The episode would’ve been better off ending right after Ted met The Mother on the platform. Then it would’ve lived up to the show’s name.

“Once Upon a Time in Wonderland”

The series as a whole wasn’t what I had hoped it would be, but it did help to know it was a one-season story, so the series finale wrapped things up in a pretty bow, giving characters the happy endings they had been chasing after and they deserved. What better way to celebrate than with a wedding, which was where most of the characters parted ways to return to their lives, wherever they may be. Alice and Cyrus returned to her home in England to get married, and we saw their daughter title their story “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” Love prevailed, and they all lived happily ever after.

“Being Human”

In fact, “happily ever after” was somewhat of a theme for the end of the Syfy series. It wouldn’t be a “Being Human” final episode without sacrifices, magic and death, and in the end, the house went up in flames, but everyone got their chances at happiness. Sally gave Aidan a week to live a mortal life, to enjoy things he hadn’t been able to previously, and to get his door and reunite with her, something that wouldn’t have been possible with their original plan upon moving out. Josh and Nora had a future and children, albeit predictably named after their friends.

After all the struggles over the past few years for this group of supernatural friends, they got what they deserved: a chance at happiness. Was it all just a bit too predictable? Yes. But in a sci-fi series, sometimes that works, and it did here. It was a satisfying end, which is all I could really ask for when it comes to saying a last goodbye to a TV show.

What did you think of these series finales?

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