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Kanye West Brings Yeezus to Jimmy Fallon, Performs “Bound 2” with The Roots

Kanye West Jimmy Fallon

Preparing for his “Yeezus tour” starting on September 19th, Kanye West made a surprise appearance last night on Jimmy Fallon and performed “Bound 2” with The Roots, Charlie Wilson and a very cute group of background child singers. Starting the ode to Kim Kardashian with a clear jab at Ray-J, “Brandy little sister lame, and you know it now”, West went on to continue his live performance wearing a leather skirt. Seriously, can someone fill us in on what the skirt is all about?

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Emiah has always been intrigued by the cable TV industry. She is consistently questioning how certain shows become pop culture phenomenons while others unceremoniously fail. Emiah has a deep appreciation for Andy Cohen and The Real Housewives franchise.

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