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Kathy Griffin Banned From Several TV Shows

Kathy Griffin is one of the most outspoken female comedians of our time, so it’s no surprise that she’s managed to make a few enemies throughout her career. But it doesn’t end with other celebs not liking her; she’s got a list of shows that have banned her from making any appearance. Griffin is banned from “The View,” “The Ellen Degeneres Show,” “Today,” “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and “The Late Show with David Letterman.” According to Neon Tommy, Griffin has a habit of taking off her clothes and cussing up a storm, which is a big no-no. In 2009, Letterman lifted the ban on Griffin and welcomed her back to “The Late Show,” but her appearance turned out to be quite awkward when she stood up and removed her dress and revealed she wasn’t wearing underwear. “The View” also temporarily lifted its ban on Griffin but reinstated it a short time later following Griffin’s feud with then co-host Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Griffin was also re-banned from “Today” after an alleged spat with co-anchor Natalie Morales. At the time, Griffin revealed she was banned by several of the show’s co-anchors, including Matt Lauer and Katie Couric. In 2010, following her f-bomb on CNN’s New Year’s Eve special, Griffin was reportedly banned from the network, but CNN later denied the ban. Despite her controversial approach to comedy, Griffin was recently named as host of the 2014 Daytime Emmy Awards, which aired Sun., June 22. During the ceremony, Griffin poked fun at several celebrities, including Kris Jenner, Bethenny Frankel and Susan Lucci. “I’ve been calling her daughters wh***s for years,” Griffin said of learning that Jenner was seated at her table. Griffin noted Jenner attended the ceremony just hours after her daughter, Kim Kardashian, gave birth to her first child, North West. “It was the day baby North West was born,” Griffin said. “She left the bedside of her own daughter to come to the Daytime Emmys.” Also surprising to Griffin was Frankel, the former host of “Bethenny,” who reportedly had no interest in being at the show. “[Frankel] did not want to be there at all. She kept saying, ‘I’m on the D-list like you,’” Griffin said. ”She spent the whole evening asking, ‘Can I go to the airport?’ I was thrilled to be here.” Later in the night, Griffin fueled rumors that Lucci had Sarah Michelle Gellar fired from “All My Children” after her Daytime Emmy win, which occurred on a year that Lucci was not nominated. “She said Susan Lucci couldn’t stand her and had her fired soon after [her Emmy win]” Griffin said. Moments later, Griffin said she was just being sarcastic but, with Griffin, it’s always hard to tell. Although controversial, Griffin is extremely successful in the world of comedy, starring in several HBO and Bravo specials and writing a book. Griffin also won the award for “Best Comedy Album” at the 2014 Grammy Awards. Want to watch Kathy Griffin on TV? Find Cable TV Providers in your area:
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