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Kendra Wilkinson Needs to Get On with Her Life

Kendra Wilkinson reportedly took Hank Baskett back after his alleged affair with a transsexual model. If the reports are true, I think she’s making a big mistake. Wilkinson is a beautiful and successful woman, and I feel she’s lowering her standards if she chooses to stay with Baskett. After all, he cheated on her while she was pregnant with their second child. I understand she wants to believe her husband, especially for their children, but it’s hard to look past the evidence. The transsexual Baskett allegedly cheated with, Ava Sabrina London, took a lie detector test – and passed. As if that weren’t enough, Baskett’s vehicle was seen at London’s Los Angeles home. Wilkinson even admitted to “People Magazine” that she doesn’t know what to believe. The couple’s four-year-old son, Hank, and four-month-old daughter, Alijah, need their mother at her best. In order for that to happen, I think Wilkinson needs to leave Baskett and get on with her life. Spending a lifetime pretending Baskett didn’t cheat will only cause her more heartache, and prevent her from finding love that’s worth her time. The Possibility of a Happy Ending Although the chances may be slim, getting through a cheating scandal has been done before. The following seven couples know it is possible to experience a cheating scandal and get through it together. 1. Kobe and Vanessa Bryant The Bryants endured a cheating scandal in 2003, when Kobe was accused of sexually assaulting a 19-year-old woman in Colorado. Throughout his trial, Vanessa remained at Kobe’s side and, in the end, she chose to believe her man and continue on with their marriage. Years later, Vanessa filed for divorce, but later retracted it. She and Kobe announced they were calling off the divorce a few months later and they’ve been together ever since. 2. David and Victoria Beckham In April 2004, David’s former personal assistant, Rebecca Loos, claimed she and David had an affair. That same week, model Sarah Marbeck, said she’d slept with David twice. David denied both women’s claims, but Victoria told “W Magazine” it was a “really tough time” for her and David. “David and I got through it together,” Victoria said. “No one said marriage was going to be easy. Yes, there have been bumps along the road. But the fact is we’ve come out of everything we’ve been through stronger and happier.” 3. John Legend and Chrissy Teigen In May 2013, Legend reportedly locked lips with a mystery blonde in the bathroom of New York City’s Acme nightclub. Rather than address the issue privately, Tiegen dealt with it openly on Twitter, where she joked with fans about Legend’s bathroom girlfriend. “[John Legend], my tummy hurts and I think it’s the chicken you made me last night,” she wrote. “Are you trying to kill me so u can be with your bathroom GF?” Four months after the cheating claims, Legend and Teigen tied the knot. 4. Will and Jada Smith In 2013, Will was accused of getting flirty with his “Focus” co-star Margot Robbie. Weeks later, Jada fueled rumors regarding their possibly open relationship in an interview with Huffington Post Live. “I’ve always told Will, ‘You can do whatever you want as long as you can look at yourself in the mirror and be OK,” she said. Will and Jada have been married for 16 years. 5. Josh Duhamel and Fergie In 2009, Duhamel’s affair with stripper Nicole Forrester was made public. Three years later, Fergie spoke to Oprah about getting through the challenging time. “When you go through difficult times, it really makes you stronger as a unit, as a partnership,” Fergie said. “Our love today is a deeper love, definitely. We’re stronger today.” 6. David Boreanaz and Jaime Bergman Boreanaz admitted to cheating on his wife in 2010 with Rachel Uchitel. The affair happened while Bergman was pregnant with their daughter, Bella. The following year, Boreanaz told TV Week the affair was “a bonding experience, in the long run” for him and his wife. “We’re working on repairing what has been damaged so badly,” he said. “Do I believe in giving up? No, I don’t. I’m a fighter. I’m a lover.” 7. Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott Spelling discovered McDermott cheated on her in December 2013.  In the months that followed, she and McDermott were seen on “True Tori,” which depicted their lives as they struggled to cope with the affair. After 30 days in rehab, McDermott returned home to Spelling and their four kids. Although Spelling and McDermott haven’t completely recovered from the affair, Spelling claimed they were “doing really well” in an interview last month. “Dean and I are working very hard to make our relationship and our family better than ever,” Spelling said. While a reconciliation has worked for some of these couples, I just don’t think it’s right for Kendra. I think it’s time she packed it up and made a new life for her and her children.
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