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Kevin Williamson Talks S2 of ‘The Following’ and Staying Creative on TVD

Kevin Williamson

Creator of Dawson’s Creek and The Vampire Diaries, Kevin Williamson, is a well-known screenwriter, actor, producer and director. Kevin Williamson sits down and shares exclusive spoilers about his latest hit series,The Following, which returns in January 2014 for season 2. 

Q: Is there anything you can talk about for the upcoming season?

Williamson: You know it’s really hard to talk about, because you don’t want to give anything away, because you like the show to unfold and be a surprise as it happens. But it is a year later and Ryan Hardy is in a different place, he’s sort of got his heart together, he’s starting to do some heart management, he’s jogging, he’s taking care of himself; he’s one of the nicest men out there. The heart’s a muscle and you just got to exercise it to get better, and that’s what he’s done — he’s done that physically, mentally, spiritually and he’s in a different place. He’s teaching criminology at an academy, and he’s putting his life together. There’s his niece, Max, and he hasn’t really had a big relationship with her, but there’s only like a few Hardy’s left, because most of them are dead. He’s got a sister down in Boca, and his niece Max, from his oldest brother who died in 9/11, which was set up last year. She’s a cop; well they’re all cops, the Hardy family. She very much loves having her uncle in her life, and waited a long time for that to happen. Even when he tries to push her away she doesn’t go anywhere; she’s a really tough character. They have good chemistry together so those scenes are a lot of fun to shoot. Weston and Ryan have a lot of great chemistry, so that’s a big part of the show this year, their relationship.

Q: How do you always come up with new ideas for all of these different shows that you have done?

Williamson: I think the trick is you have to write every single day; I write every single day, whether I’m writing Vampire Diaries or something else. I don’t know where it comes from, but if you write every single day, you just keep writing, you just keep creating, keep thinking of stuff. Once you start doing it, you don’t stop.

Q: For, The Following, do you plan anything out?

Williamson: You know, we learned a lot from last year. I have a really great group of writers; you know, I sit in a room prior to the show starting, with six, seven other writers and we have white boards all around the room, and we break everything out. We have fifteen episodes, and we sort of figure out where we’re going to start. We start talking characters who’s Ryan? What was his journey last year? 

Q: After all the controversy about the violence last season, are you going to push the envelope the same way this season?

Williamson: I’m very respectful. Last year I know I was very so tight lip about it all, because I just wanted to be respectful for the country. We are sort of living in a very crazy time, but that’s what a show like this does it mirrors what’s going on in the real world. I’m not trying to push the envelope, I’m just trying to tell a really scary story, and it’s a very violent story and it’s one of those shows where if you have a problem with violence, and murder and crime and all that, then you should probably turn the channel. And if you’re a parent, some good parenting will come into play on Mondays at nine o’clock. I really think that’s all you have to do, is really monitor your children’s viewing habits. And if you don’t like violence, turn it off, because yes, it is violent, we’re not trying to push the envelope, but we are trying to tell a scary story and it is about a bunch of characters who are extremely violent. We’re dealing with illness, and we’re dealing with psychopaths.

Catch Kevin Williamson’s The Following Season 2 premiere on Jan. 23 on Fox. 

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